Marsch Places Rookie Muyl Ahead of DP Veron



If it hasn’t been apparent with his team selection, Jesse Marsch’s words have all but confirmed that youngster Alex Muyl sits higher on the depth chart than Argentine DP Gonzalo Veron. And that may once again be apparent this weekend against New York City FC.

“I think, once he (Veron) does really start to establish himself, the upside we know is very big,” said Marsch following a team training session on Friday. “Patience is key but I know he’s anxious to prove himself. He’s anxious for opportunities. He’s anxious to show what he’s all about which is a good thing.”

This season Veron has only played in 12 games for a grand total of 403 minutes. Meanwhile, Alex Muyl, 20, who started the season with the USL New York Red Bull II, has quickly caught up with 15 games and 609 minutes played. Those numbers are somewhat shocking considering the hype that came with Veron’s signing and the early success the team saw with him in preseason before injuries took their toll.

“Everyone’s anxious for him to show what he’s all about,” said Marsch. “We like Gonzalo. He’s been a great guy here and it’s taken time here to get going a little bit but that’s okay. That’s normal in some ways.”

Marsch was also not shy to share his sentiments about the youngster, Muyl — the player who is likely taking the spot of the Designated Player. The Red Bulls boss had nothing but praise for the potential that Muyl has and his place on the team.

“He (Muyl) will fit the game and help us in that part of the field because he can cover ground,” said Marsch about Muyl’s ability to help the team on the wing. “And he still has quality too. I don’t want to take that away from Alex. As much as he works hard and he puts a lot into it, there’s still some quality there and he understands how to fit in to what we try to do.”



  • Jolly roger

    Aha!! Now Muyl is the answer to our prayers and will lead us to the promised land? Is this organization for real,fielding the likes of Lade,Zizzo,Muyl,Grella,etc and expecting the fan base to believe that we are going somewhere? WTF??