Marsch, Red Bulls at a loss for answers after latest defeat



With snow and ice falling from the sky, the most enduring image from Saturday night’s match came at the final whistle, with Red Bulls forward Mike Grella on his back holding his head in despair.

The New York Red Bulls had dropped yet another opportunity to get points in the standings. This time, it was to Jermaine Jones and the Colorado Rapids.

This was the Red Bulls fourth straight loss and the story was largely the same – a lack of defensive focus and an absence of sharpness in finishing doomed New York.

The normally positive and direct Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch faced the media once again after the match.

However, this time it seemed he was at a loss to explain the latest defeat.

“I’m having a hard time explaining what we’re going through because it’s another game where I feel like in many ways we established ourselves, especially in the second half as the better team.

“We’re on top of the game more and somehow the game slips,” Marsch continued. “So it’s incredibly frustrating. I can’t explain it. I’ve never been through situations like these where consistently we actually do okay, but can’t reward ourselves enough for goals and feels like almost every time the team comes on the field we give away chances that wind up in the goal.”

Of course, there was the issue of the weather, but Colorado fared well in the same conditions. Even then, New York seemed to pick up the pace of their play a bit in the second half. They were sharper on the ball, and were attempting to reap the benefit of the chances they were creating. Even the aforementioned Grella seemed to get some of his groove back, although his cutbacks were a little difficult to execute in the snow. However, at the end of the day, the Red Bulls simply weren’t able to pull even.

Keeper Luis Robles’ honesty can generally give a good barometer of how the locker room is handling something.

Saturday night was no exception. “Listen, guys are hurting. It’s not as if it’s a very flippant or whimsical attitude towards being 1-6. The guys in that locker room, they’re hurting because when we look at the way we play, maybe we’re missing a little quality, maybe we’re not as sharp-but the fight’s there and these guys are really busting their butts too, to make sure that for 90 minutes we’re going to be fighting and stay on top.”

Robles continued after a pause. “And whether it’s a little luck or whether it’s a little this or that, you know, I don’t think we have the answers right now. But I do believe if we can learn from these failures, it’s going to enable us to not only be a successful team, but a championship team. So right now is critical, but I have a lot of belief in the guys and a lot of belief in the leadership.”

Marsch and Sporting Director Ali Curtis have essentially the same roster that won the club’s second Supporter’s Shield in three years. However, many of these players had career years in obtaining th second trophy. One of the main storylines going into this season was what would happen if this group of players wasn’t able to repeat those performances. So far, the results haven’t been good and no one seems to have an answer on how to turn it around.

Even with the lack of results, Marsch continues to preach belief in the system, and belief in each other.

“Honestly, it’s wild what we’ve been through. I’ve told the team that I’m gutted for them. That kind of effort and that kind of push that they showed and belief; that’s our pathway to the success that we know we can get to.

“I will continue to say the same things, which is that I know we have a good team and this is going to turn. This is going to turn.”


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  • Chicos tacos

    Well the east is a very weak conference and has no team with winning tradition. Red bull is suppose to be the galaxy of the east but no way with that cheap owner and their “star academy players.”
    If Toronto gets rolling once they open their stadium, they will practically run away with the east conference but if a team like red bull opens their wallet and gets a player like Carlos vela or Tim ream, then that could be a season changing moment.
    For now the east will belongs to Toronto, Montreal and even Orlando.
    By the way, if would have been better if red bull had a bad season last year and this one as well, in order to add pressure to red bull owner and garber.

  • Drink Monster

    I can think of 2 words.
    We suck!!

  • MTF

    Here we go again with the guy saying if only the Red Bulls open their wallet and get Carlos Vela all will be well. Same guy who was saying get Ronaldinho last month.

  • Maso

    They should consider benching BWP for the next game.

    • MTF

      Get through match 11, about a third of the way through the season. If they don’t start getting some results over the next few matches I’d accelerate the youth movement. Start giving Abang, Davis, Muyl, and Ettienne a lot of first team playing time. Ali and Jesse have said Red Bull New York is on a five year plan. Winning a Shield in year one was unexpected. Year two could see a major step back if they fail to at least make the playoffs. Look at the youth and start determining who has the potential to make an impact in years 3-5 and start working them in.

    • Johnny Red

      Yes I have had it with guy a waste of roster space.

  • Johnny Red

    Wowowowow this is getting worse by the minute what happened to this great team ?

    • Chiro

      This is what happens when you stop bringing in top players and win with mirrors…..AKA the FLUKE of 2015.

      • Johnny Red

        I think they should start bringing up the kids and grow from there – this season is DONE !

  • Johnny Red

    Is Connor Lade on this team still ?

    • troy

      Yes. You can tell because he makes himself known in every game by skying shots over the goal.

      Otherwise he’s got great spirit but needs to keep his shots on the ground.

      • Johnny Red

        Figures another NASL castoff

  • George Guerria

    so where’s slow today ? cat got its tongue

    • Greg

      Did you try checking the Cosmos posts from a couple of days ago? If not try a couple of weeks back. He’s there.

    • Man love

      Slow and larry are snuggled up nice today and all weekend.

  • Maybe the Red Bulls should just start focusing on a US Open Cup Trophy?

    • Donny Garbs

      Nonsense. We at MLS rest during our sports oldest US tournament. We also insist on playing league games during the world cup. Humbug.

  • speedyleftnut

    What happened to all the RedBull fans asking for Dax and Sascha to be called up to the USMNT?

    • EPL fan

      cant find them at all they are such cowards like Slow he is the #1 COWARD !!!!!!!! CLOWN !