Marsch weighs in on Conte’s anti-MLS comments, Giovinco’s Italy ouster



Jesse Marsch knows Major League Soccer can be overlooked as an inferior product — particularly to European based coaches, fans and players. In fact, Marsch dealt with that prejudice when the Montreal Impact signed Alessandro Nesta.

“He didn’t have much respect for the league and I told him it wouldn’t be easy,” Marsch recalled.

In that context, Marsch understands, then, how current Italian boss Antonio Conte feels.

Recently, Conte took to the media to explain the absence of New York City FC midfielder Andrea Pirlo and Sebastian Giovinco of Toronto FC from his Euro 2016 roster. “We evaluated [Pirlo] and Giovinco,” he said. “It’s normal that if you choose to go and play [at MLS] then you can pay the consequences in footballing terms.”

The consequence, of course, was eliminating both players from his squad.

But as Marsch explains, “Italy has been Italian centric for years. I mean, Serie A is finally showing some teams that have a few more foreigners and there are more Italians playing outside the league than ever before.

“That is up to Conte to figure out what the balance of his team is,” he continued. “Like I said before, its hard to believe Giovinco is not one of the best 23 players in Italy.”

Marsch agrees with some of the things Conte says. For instance, he does admit that Serie A “is much more tactical than MLS,” but he also defends the the run-and-gun style of the league.

“A lot of people that have never been around this league don’t respect it until they have been a part of it,” he said.


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  • Rest of the World

    Conte should focus on advancing to at least the second round of any given tournament and keep his mouth shut until then.

  • George

    He’s full of himself! MLS doesn’t exist on football map! People are coming here to make some extra money before retirement and that’s really it. Giovanco may look good here, when he plays against equivalent of typical European third (semipro) clubs, but these boys in Frence Euro Finals are for real and Conte knows that Giovinco won’t be able to penetrate any half decent defense line, make his runs and nobody is going to give hIm courteously 30-40 seconds to make his shot.
    Brutal, but true.
    If Americans are still dreaming of playing football, they firstly must reform entire league structures, make it open, transparent, allowing mechanism of advancing and falling take place to naturally adjust strength of leagues from forth of fifth tevel to the first.
    And secondly…, guys it is not about the money! Really! Reform and change your youth program today! Do not force parents to make choice between paying rent and feeding their families and sending their sons to soccer practice! Amount of money typical youth club demands now for the season is insane. Greediness is killing any potential you may have!
    Want to make big dollars? Do you? Well, football business starts up there – create your own Messi, Raul, Lewandowski, Robben, etc. and make money. Right now, the way I see it is more like an exploitation.
    Maybe there’s no coincidence that after good 25 years American football (soccer, whatever) is simply noN existing in the real world?

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