Match of the Week: Monarcas 2, Guadalajara 1


downloadThe 2017-18 Liga MX season has not been kind to Chivas Guadalajara. Twelve games into the season, it has one win.

Adding insult to injury was none other than it Saturday night opponent, Monarcas Morelia.

The contest kicked off in Guadalajara’s favor as it retained most of the possession. Shot after shot from Chivas’ front three tested goalkeeper Sebastian Sosa frequently. However, most shots were simple saves.

The play remained that way for the entire first half. It was rare to see Monarcas put together a string of solid passes. Guadalajara was all over the field but was unable to put a good shot on goal.

The tables turned in the second half. A foul in the box led to a penalty kick for Morelia. Raúl Ruidiaz stepped up and powered it into the left side of the net.

Quickly after, the game heated up. Chivas continued its high pressure and energy, and fought to level the score. In the 62nd minute, Chivas received a corner.

A low hanging ball toward the back of the box fell to an unmarked Carlos Salcido, who volleyed a rocket into the right side of Morelia’s goal.

Chivas came close to grabbing the lead in 12 minutes later when Rodolfo Pizarro nailed the crossbar with a powerful shot. However, that is when it went downhill for Chivas.

In the 81st minute, Pizarro picked up a red card for a silly offense. After being dragged down by a defender, Pizarro approached the offender and attempted to get the ball back. In his attempt, Pizarro lashed out with a punch to his opponent’s gut resulting in the referee sending him off.

The game would remain tied until added time. An error by Salcido turned what should have a been a routine clearance into an own goal.

Salcido miss-hit a ball and deflected into the back of his own net, giving his team the loss.

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