Dax McCarty calls out MLS, DisCo over Kitchen stomp


The MLS Disciplinary Committee failed to serve judgement on DC United’s Perry Kitchen for his stomp on Red Bull defender Chris Duvall.

And Red Bull captain Dax McCarty is certainly unhappy about it.

How unhappy?  The new team captain took to social media following this week’s MLS release detailing the DisCo’s findings, taking the league to task for their decision to let Kitchen slide.

As it was, Chris Pontius was set to take on Luis Robles in a penalty kick situation late in this weekend’s match.  Paired alongside Duvall, Kitchen took out his displeasure on the second year pro, stomping his foot as Pontius released a penalty shot that landed well into the stands.

The referee clearly did not see the infraction during the run of play.  However, video replay makes it quite clear; Kitchen endangered his defender with a move that could have gone far worse than what really occurred.

With the referee clearly out of sight, the DisCo decided to move past the infraction.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a clear intent, at the very least, on disrupting the play – and perhaps inflicting damage on a larger scale.


  • Ridiculous DisCon does not fine or suspend.

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