Town Hall Notes: McCarty’s contract extension, jerseys, Red Bulls radio, more


A cathartic evening for the New York Red Bulls fans and front office during the team’s second town hall event of the year also yielded some valuable information about players, jerseys — even about supporters.

Red Bulls General Manager Marc de Grandpre and Sporting Director Ali Curtis delved into several issues, including the future of Dax McCarty, possible changes to the Red Bulls jersey, the idea of a third kit — and even the expansion of the South Ward.

Here are some notes from the proceedings:

Dax McCarty Contract Extension

The Red Bulls captain, who joined Curtis, de Grandpre and head coach Jesse Marsch on the dais, was very forthcoming over his contract status.

McCarty revealed his has another year remaining in his deal — a club option. “It’s a club option so it’s up to them to pick it up,” McCarty said during the event. Both sides, however, acknowledged that conversations over an extension would likely take place in the offseason as the club concentrates all their efforts on the post season.

“If I am going to be the best captain I can be, I have to focus on going to training everyday, trying to be a better player, and coming out on the field and working hard and winning a championship,” McCarty said. “That is the ultimate goal.”

Home, Away — and Third Jerseys

De Grandpre offered an interesting answer regarding the team’s quest for a third jersey.

As reported on EoS, De Grandpre states that MLS have been moving away from third jerseys, except in some select markets where the endeavor has seemingly been received well.

In a frank moment, the Red Bulls GM said that jersey sales are also a part of it. If the Red Bulls jersey sales were more robust, there would be a better chance of pushing for a third kit.

Another interesting tidbit; de Grandpre guaranteed that the home kits would “always” be some version of red and white, but the club is currently in discussions for a red away kit to replace their traditional dark blue offering.

On Extending The South Ward

De Grandpre: “Get more members, and we will absolutely extend it every way we can, up, down, left right. It will grow as much as demand is there. We will definitely grow up if we need to, but we still have some work to do in the South Ward for some games.”

Other Notes

  • On NWSL partnership: de Grandpre says “ultimately down the line, it is something we would look at” but added that the club was focused on reforming their current infrastructure, from the first team to the academy. That would be priority over expanding into the women’s game.
  • In an interesting moment during the event, a question was asked about analytics which led to a discussion on the nutritional side of the club’s operations. The team has employed a nutrionist and have also instituted the mandatory use of a daily app for players to track their daily intake, hydration, sleep, soreness and so on.
  • On USL/Columbia deal. De Grandpre notes that new managers within the University wanted to limit the time the USL team could set up prior to matches. With no other options, the club rescinded their original deal and will be looking for a more “intimate” venue.
  • Red Bulls Livestream Network In Progress. Finally, when pressed on the chance of Red Bull finding an English radio home, De Grandpre revealed a plan for a live streaming, 24 hour radio network. Labeling it the “first of its kind” in MLS, New York hopes to cement a deal with TuneIn to establish the channel soon.


  • Jim

    Am I wrong in thinking the number of third jerseys increases every year? New England team president Brian Bilello said almost exactly the same thing about thirds (that they league was moving away from them) a few years ago but I think the opposite is true.

  • Cosmos love

    The second jersey should represent their state flag, if their the only team in the state or not :)
    The third jersey should be retro,by now mls can have enough retro design jerseys.
    I’m surprised nobody asked for a rebrand with the same owner and keep red bull as jersey and stadium sponsor.
    If red bull fans want to compare themselves to those German teams own by medicine or car companies well they are wrong, American sport teams don’t do that and soccer is old in europe.
    Garber just said yes to red bull for money reason but times have change and Garber knows it.
    Red bull= a chivas usa with steroids and brainwashed fans.
    Imagine in the NFL having a team by the name of Dallas at&t stars

    • Ulrich

      Guess you’ve never heard of the Green Bay Packers….

    • JD

      Or the Cleveland Browns

    • Freddie Football

      You’re surprised that no one asked a panel of Red Bull employees to re-brand the team (again) to something other than Red Bulls?

      I’m surprised that you’re surprised!

    • BK

      Know your history. Plenty of teams in American sports have named after companies. Most have folded over the years. It’s not a European thing.

  • Cosmos love

    By the way, if LA2 and Miami eND up with a better name than red bull, it will be so embarrassing for red bull fans.
    You have nycfc, galaxy, probably inter miami, probably los ángeles Hollywood fc then red bull.
    No good.

    • MTF

      So sick of names like (insert city) FC. Also United or Inter or Real or Sporting. Those are terms will actual meanings, none of which apply to expansion teams in MLS.

      The league should have said no to Atlanta United. I can’t imagine the NFL allowing the New York Giants and the Atlanta Giants.

      • BK


  • Nat Mac

    They don’t sell a lot of jerseys because of… the jersey.

    Redesign the team badge so that the jersey doesn’t seem like a one note Red Bull billboard and people will buy the shirt. It’s a chicken/egg kind of situation. Surprised Red Bull hasn’t polled fans as to why they don’t purchase the jersey. They would find out pretty quickly that people don’t like the badge.

    • RedBallz

      You mean fans don’t like being a tacky billboard for an energy drink? shocking.

      • slowleftarm

        As opposed to a tacky billboard for an EPL team?

        • exactly or BetFair24 lol

          • Sammy the Red Bull

            I guess having a middle eastern airliner stamped across your chest is much better.

        • RedBallz

          Yeah! Who would want to be associated with an elite level soccer team? Not Jersey!

          • slowleftarm

            Jeopardy clue – “Elite level soccer team” and “NYCFC”

            What are two things that will never be mentioned in the same sentence?

            • RedBallz

              Actually I was talking about Manchester City, but your insistence that beating an expansion team makes you great is pretty amusing. Just because the Red Bulls may win the lottery to get their asses handed to them by LA doesn’t make them worth ****. How many CCL championships have the Red Bulls won?

              • slowleftarm

                Yawn…looks you are an expansion troll. Maybe your trolling will improve with time.

      • Nat Mac

        I don’t mind the Red Bull logo as the sponsor. That’s fine. But having the Red Bull logo appear in the team crest as well is too much. They need a proper team crest without the same Red Bull imagery. If they redesigned the team crest with some imagination, they would sell more shirts.

    • good point about polling. I don’t mind the name or logo. I do think the logo is now too big. Seems out of proportion.

      I don’t like the blue and yellow. Prefer the white/red, dark blue with red accents, and an all red or red top/white bottom (maybe even black socks) 3rd kit.

    • BK

      I was at the DC game. Just about everyone was wearing a Red Bull jersey! Including me!

  • Stepford fans

    Still a lot of pissed off fans. We said our piece in January. Not at 2nd town hall MTG. Only converts and sheep there this time to make it look like all is well.

    • CosmosPetke

      Yes, we need to complain. I’m so pissed. I’m just angry. I might be gay too.

      • #redbullshout

        I agree.

        I went to bed last night crying into my 1998 Mike Petke Metrostars jersey.

        • RedBallz

          Now that’s a classic jersey.

          • Smith

            Yes, made famous by Juve and Newcastle.

            Or, if we’re talking red, AC Milan

    • slowleftarm

      Results matter more than who the manager is. Maybe those converts have been won over by performances like Sunday, or the one against Toronto, or the one against New England, or the ones against NYYFC. Or maybe they decided it’s more fun to go to games and support their team then to stay home and pout.

  • slowleftarm

    That all sounds fine except the radio deal. It needs to be on actual radio, not a streaming channel that only people who are already hardcore fans will stream. NYYFC are on WFAN – by far the biggest sports radio network in the area. I know that’s due in large part to the Yankee connection but still, having RBNY on a streaming channel only just isn’t good enough.

  • Section133

    I dont care what the team is named.
    I don’t care what “state” it gets labeled with.
    I don’t care what 3rd, 4th, 5th jersey looks like.

    This is my team. Thats all that matters.

    • #redbullshout



      Red Bull out!

      Mike Petke in!

      Ah, the good old days! Ruben Dario Hernandez! Dan Barber! Edmundo Rodriquez!

      Dr. Seuss socks!

      Noww that’s real soccer!

      I long to be held by Mike Petke!

    • Ken Reeves

      And my team is man cit……er um New York FC!
      I LOVE NY! They’re NEW YORK ,MAN ! Even though I’m from Kansas City I need a REAL New York team!
      So pure, so hip, so now! They talk to me! They touch my heart. I’m even getting a tattoo of that world focus crest! Now- off for a raw chicken lunch. Hopefully I don’t get tased …and hopefully we pick up more likes on Facebook !

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  • cosmos

    I have a huge question, if manU would have bought red bull,would you guys still be talking bad about nyc.
    If Beckham would have gotten the green light to buy red bull, and name the team new York united,what would have been your reactions.
    Let’s not be delusional people, the red bull name is not good for the fans or league.
    Is there any bulls walking in new Jersey or new york.
    Red bull doesn’t have a red jersey and they say new York is red, more like RED bull.
    But now they want a red jersey just to make it a red vs blue, like many vs mancity.
    What’s even more pathetic, red bull fans claim new York is red, this aint the Manchester derby.
    There’s really good options out there for a red bull rebrand, but your owner sucks.
    How about inter new york, before Miami takes it, or Gotham sc,NY darknights fc, empire, the options are there but it depends on the owners mentality.

    • slowleftarm

      I can honestly say I prefer RBNY to any of the options you gave – Inter NY? WTF is that? NY Darknights FC?

      • #redbullshout

        I disagree!

        I like Metrostars Petke FC 96!

        I was there last night!

        I was sporting the “Love the Team Hate the Brand t-shirt.

        I also hung my “Curtis Must Go!  Red Bull Out! t-shirt over the empty seat next to me.

        Then I went home and slept in my Mike Petke Metrostars jersey!

    • BleedingRed

      Go home Cosmos. You’re drunk.

    • EnglishRBNY

      How about shut up.

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