Mexico embarrassed by Chile 7-0, eliminated from Copa

Osorio Mexico



With a home-friendly crowd and momentum on their back, Mexico stumbled through their match against Chile, falling by an unsightly 7-0 scoreline.

Eduardo Vargas scored four goals on the evening, with Edson Puch bookending the scoring with a brace as Chile stormed past El Tri in Santa Clara.

Chile came out on the front foot from the first minute and broke through in the 16′ when Puch knocked home a rebound off of a Marcelo Diaz shot. Guillermo Ochoa’s nightmare was only just beginning. Nearly a half hour later, Alexis Sanchez led the attack on the wing, finding Vargas in the area. The Chilean striker sunk his first of four past Ochoa to close the second half with a two goal advantage.

Juan Carlos Osorio could not find answers for El Tri in the second half as his side continued to be overwhelmed by an inspired Chilean attack. First, a give-and-go between Sanchez and Arturo Vidal in the area ended with an Alexis goal in the 49′. Three minutes later, Vargas struck again, this time on a Sanchez feed, to make it 4-0 in the 52′.

The route was on — but far from over. Vargas struck again in the 57′ and 74′ minute, earning him an amazing four goals on the night. Puch sunk the final goal against a beleaguered Mexican side in the 87′, closing out the match.

Chile now move on to face Colombia in the semifinals. The winner takes on the victor of the United States and Argentina. The U.S. remains the only CONCACAF competitor left in this tournament.

  • Kevin

    Could have easily been 10-0 with some of those shots just missing mid way through the second half.

  • Ken Reeves

    Lol Good!

  • Smith

    Always good to see JCO aka the Tinkerer suffer.

  • The rock

    For all soccer fans out there, when your coach changes line up for EVERY SINGLE game, that will screw up your teams chemistry and get you fired.
    This Colombian dude is on life support in Mexico and will get fired if he doesn’t stop doing his magical line ups.
    My point is, our German coach is lucky to be USA coach now since he was doing the same thing for almost 3 years right…..
    That’s how stupid gulati is, Argentina will embarrass USA and klins will be asking for a time machine.
    Klins should have been let go since the gold cup.
    As a matter of fact, Mexico wanted bielsa but he asked for lots of $$$$ and new training fields.

  • Smurf040

    What I don’t understand is why people act surprised? Mexico is not that good!! The Latin media in the U.S. ( Which is mostly Mexican owned ) labeled the Mexican team the “giants of concacaf” Pleaseee they were lucky to be in the last World Cup thanks to the U.S.!!!! Them , along with the U.S. Are the only two favorites in every North American tournament because concacaf teams are no good!! maybe Panama, Costa Rica and maybe Jamaica can probably get a win from the U.S. And Mexico every now and then. So when you see this “giant” go up against quality Commebol sides, you see just how average the Mexicans really are! Mexico was lucky Chile didn’t put up 10 or even 12!! They were that awful yesterday!! Vidal had 3 clear chances alone that he didn’t put behind the net! For a minute I thought I was watching NYCfc!!! Lol!!! ( lord knows there’s no worst team than them)

    • The rock

      Exactly…… Well explained.
      You just forgot to point out that the Mexican national team in Mexico is not that loved and they won’t sell out stadiums in Mexico like in the states.
      Mexico fans in Mexico know they are average and their players act like world super stars.
      In contrast, Mexico fans in the US, show up for pride and soccer. Mexico fans in the US are mostly illegal immigrants and don’t attend MLS or other American League.
      The Mexico fan in the US and Mexico Are very different.

      • Johnny

        Mostly? C’mon, don’t be like that.
        Of course there are illegal immigrants cheering el tri on their TV sets, but they’re far outnumbered by legal mexican americans. Some who’ve been here for generations. Some who’ve served in uniform.

        Yeah the team catches more **** in mexico. That’s a demanding fanbase looking for results. We’re perhaps less critical up here.

        Deeply rooted mexamerican fans support the team for the same reason every pizza place in queens has a picture of the azzurri on the wall and every irish pub in charlestown has a hurling photo over the bar.