Roy Miller, Dane Richards will not return to the Red Bulls



Some of the New York Red Bulls’ senior statesmen will not be returning for 2016.

EoS has learned Costa Rican fullback Roy Miller will not have his option picked up for the coming season. Longtime Red Bull player Dane Richards will also have his option declined.

Miller signed a two-year deal with the Red Bulls in 2010 and managed to parlay his initial accord to six seasons under the Red Bulls’ umbrella. In that time, Miller has been a part of two Supporters’ Shield championship sides and competed in the postseason every season of his stay.

This season has presented a more difficult challenge for the Costa Rican international. Injuries forced him out of the starting XI, giving Kemar Lawrence the opportunity to overtake the left fullback position; a task he managed to achieve in short order.

Overall, Miller has been a fixture on the club, featuring in 125 league matches with the Red Bulls, earning 15 assists in that time and becoming the longest reigning Red Bull player of the new era.

Miller is still under contract with MLS, making a move within the league a distinct possibility.

As for Richards, his nostalgia-driven move back to New York fell short, resulting in a loan spell with Indy Eleven. While Richards excelled in the NASL, he could not turn those fortunes into a secure spot with the Red Bulls. Overall, Richards featured in 12 matches with the Red Bulls this season, earning a single start.


  • Andrew Bissonette

    Not surprised at all. On a secondary note, I wonder if Miller holds the record for most MLS matches by a field player without scoring a goal.

  • Cosmo

    This is What i would do for red bull, let go the argentine dp and find a partner for Bwp. Red bull has a good goal keeper, good forward with bwp but they need 2 serious dps ASAP.
    If pirlo, lampard and beckham can play in MLS, and those 3 made/make a difference in MLS then red bull should go get Ronaldinho for a cheap price and just 2 seasons. Don’t make Ronaldinho a dp but give him a good check, then go after Mexican carlos vela.
    If red bull can get vela and Ronaldinho, with max and Sasha,plus Bwp,that would take red bull to a different level, and I’m not done, red bull should also go for galaxy’s Omar Gonzales, or the best center back in Mexico or Cameron.
    The question will red bull open their wallet for Carlos vela, Ronaldinho and Omar Gonzalez or Cameron.
    I don’t think they will and that’s why garber must sell this team.
    As for red bull fans, stand by your opinion and don’t say I’m proud of red bull after this “surprising season”, Red bull could have made it to the champions knock out rounds and final, win the open cup, they won the supporters shield but it’s a season prize and they could have beaten Columbus but they lack serious players.
    Red bull will always compete in the east, it’s a weaker conference but when it comes to winning championships, they won’t until they buy serious dps like Henry or beckham, and remember it’s the New York jersey market, who wouldn’t play for a New York team.

  • MTF

    Sounds like you have a great plan Cosmo. While we’re at it, Red Bull should open up their wallet for Messi, Neymar, Ibra and Cristiano Ronaldo. I think they could win MLS Cup with those serious players, and maybe even Champions League.

    • Cosmo

      No seriously, if lampard,pirlo, Gerard and beckham were/are able to do something in MLS, then why not Ronaldinho.
      MLS is perfect for Ronaldinho, the league is still young and growing but not at ligamx level where he was.
      If you add Carlos vela to red bull as a DP, Ronaldinho no DP, and steal Omar from Galaxy.

      • RBFan

        Eventually, MLS owners are going to have to get the the point where they are willing to open their checkbooks to keep our talent here and lure great young players from abroad.

      • MTF

        First, Lampard, Pirlo and Gerrard did nothing in MLS in their limited time this past season. Pirlo might as well be playing in a wheel chair. We’ve had the big name DPs since 2010 and aside from a Shield in 2013 won nothing.

        Second, the Red Bulls have a strategy and a defined style of play. 35 year old Ronaldinho who doesn’t want to run does not fit. Any team would be happy to get Vela but we’ll see if he ultimately decides to come to MLS.

        The Red Bulls are going about things the right way. They’ve invested a ton of money in the NY club the past few years; stadium, world class training facility, USL team. No reason to mess with things. There’s a salary cap structure in MLS…a silly, uninformed comment that Garber should “sell the team.”

      • George

        Terrible idea. Pirlo Lampard and Villa (and Drogba and Gerrard) moved from TOP leagues (the two best in the workd, actually) where they were still playing at a very high caliber. Where as Ronaldhino is coming from a not top league were he was barely contributing.

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