Official: Minnesota United to join MLS in 2017



With their stadium deal nearing finalization, Minnesota United FC will join Major League Soccer alongside Atlanta United for the 2017 season.

That was long assumed to be the case, but was made official Friday night at an event the club held for in front of over 6,000 fans in St. Paul.

“We are proud to officially announce that Minnesota United FC will join Major League Soccer in 2017,” said Commissioner Garber. “The ownership group’s commitment to soccer and the community, the area’s growing millennial population and the region’s rich tradition of supporting soccer at all levels are key indicators that this will be a very successful MLS market.”

United has had the framework of a stadium deal in place with the city of St. Paul since last summer. The soccer-specific stadium will hold 20,000 seats when it is built. Delays in the state legislature have slowed down the process, leaving questions about when the club would make its MLS debut. The stadium was originally planned to be ready for the 2018 season; that is now in doubt.

In the interim, Minnesota will play their home games at TCF Bank Stadium, home of the University of Minnesota’s football team. The stadium holds 50,000 fans and has a relatively narrow turf field. United has played there before on special occasions.

It has been expected that Minnesota’s name will change upon the jump to MLS; the league reportedly thinks that three teams named United would be one too many. That is not the case. Minnesota United will carry their NASL moniker to MLS.

Los Angeles FC is slated to join MLS in 2018, when their soccer-specific stadium opens. LAFC will break ground on that stadium next week. In theory, David Beckham’s team in Miami will join them, but their attempts to make progress on a stadium have proven futile so far.


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  • ForzaRed

    Welcome aboard Loons. Go to hell smurfs.

  • Deepblack

    effing rejects, how did they get promoted? They paid someone a bunch of money? wow that makes sense, don’t win anything but you get to join the ‘first division’ of a fictional pyramid. USSF you are a failure if this continues.

  • rebel fighter

    Just a reality check. Pro/Rel works around the world but I don’t see it ever happening here. Once USL gets their D2 status where can the NASL go?

  • Soccer philosophy

    A good fan base and a united market for MLS, and I wonder what cosmos owner/s thinks about this. Cosmos need to be in MLS sooner than later but I’ll probably be dead by then, c’mon cosmos suck it up.
    Now looking at the MLS expansion picture, it will be a hot/expensive race but if MLS reaches 32 it should look like this.
    Teams 25-28: By 2020 Sacramento,St.louis then in 2021 San Diego and Cincinnati
    Teams 29-32: MLS will have 32 teams by 2026
    Just in time for USA World Cup
    Cities looking in, San Antonio, okc, Nashville, Detroit, Austin, Tampa bay, Phoenix, Charlotte.

    • The Real Insider

      You don’t really go for sentence structure, for you?

    • Larry\’s A Simpleton

      Alas, Mr Don Garber told the f.cosmos to take a hike several years ago. I scarcely believe not much, if anything has changed. Major League Soccer wants no part of those con artistes from Nassau County.

  • OpenCupFan

    All this means is that MN has an opening for a soccer club.
    I wonder when someone is going to take USSF to Court to end this charade.
    Support your local INDEPENDENT soccer CLUBS!

  • Garbers son

    Why do people hate MLS expansion, I as a cosmos fan hate the fact we are playing in the nasl and our owner didn’t want to be in MLS due to money and league partial rules.
    MLS is a young league going versus the NBA MLB NFL NHL plus the other soccer leagues.
    MLS needs 10 years 2026) in order to be the #2 sport league in the US. Lebron and Curry will be retired by then and the NFL is becoming more of a money league than a sport league.
    MLS will have 32 teams and succeed in the US. MLS has a goal and that is to conquer the US.

    • eddy

      all cosmos fans should hate that they are in nasl, with Minn. out and relegated Rayo next, it is only a matter of time with other clubs having financial issues as well…

  • slowleftarm

    Looks like Minnesota values being in a real soccer league over being an “independent” soccer club. Atlanta, Minnesota…I’d say that MLS will just continue cherry picking NASL teams but they really don’t have any good markets left at this point. Don’t worry, NASL, you guys can keep Jacksonville, Puerto Rico and Ottawa all to yourself!

    • james w

      and they can keep Edmonton, relegated rayo going back to spain, and long island as well!…

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