Mix Diskerud responds to “overrated” remarks



After issuing a poetic response to ESPNFC’s survey of MLS players on Twitter, Mix Diskerud responded rhetorically to the finding that he was the most overrated player in the league.

“I would like to answer that anonymously,” Diskerud said with a smile — an obvious slight towards the article. “If you look at that list, it’s almost an honor to be amongst those guys. It’s quality players and every day of the week I’d like to be on a list with them.

“I am overrated,” he continued, clarifying, “I mean, the top ten guys on the income list in MLS you can say are [overrated] if you compare them to the average player.”

Diskerud reportedly made $750,000 last season—63 percent more than the maximum budget charge for a single player in MLS. He recorded three goals and one assist in his first season. It was a low return for a player that is a mainstay on the U.S. Men’s National Team but also a product of him spending much of the season playing at right wing.

That is not an issue this season. Diskerud has breathed new life into his MLS tenure playing in a more advanced central midfield role.

“Now I’m playing midfield and that’s where I’ve been playing my whole life,” Diskerud said. “I have one goal and two assists and I’m happy with that.

“Of course, I’ll keep on improving and getting better as I try to do everyday with the team.”

In his new role, Diskerud is able to make attacking runs from deep in the midfield. Last season, he struggled to attack defenders 1v1 from the wide position. He explained those struggles earlier this year, plainly saying, “I am not Khiry [Shelton]” — meaning he was not a speedy wing threat.

His production through four matches puts him miles ahead of his performances last year. Teammate Patrick Mullins said he’s noticed Diskerud is more comfortable playing centrally.

“There’s a comfort level for two reasons,” Mullins said. “That’s where he wants to play and [it] compliments his skills well. Also, it takes a while to get used to the league.

“I thought he did well to fight through some of the tough times where you do get used to the league and I think he’s really hitting his stride now.”

Diskerud will likely start in his first action with New York City FC since March 18th. If recent history is any indication, that means the midfielder will return to his advanced midfield position, leading the trio of Andrea Pirlo, Thomas McNamara and himself.

Head coach Patrick Vieira has liked what he has seen from Diskerud, complimenting him as a clever player and a quick learner.

“He’s smart, he can score goals, he’s a team player and that’s what I like about him,” Vieira said. “I think the credit is to him.

“Since he got back, he’s been working really hard and really well and I’m not surprised that he’s playing well because of the way he’s been working this week and over the last few months.”


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  • Yadda Yadda

    Overrated? How dare they. Look at that hair! People are getting their money’s worth seeing that flowing mane in action.

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  • Stephen Kingler

    He is worse then overrated he is garbage, he should be at most on a USL team.

    • slowleftarm

      LOL…or even worse, the Cosmos.

      • Dr. Freud

        You are obsessed.

      • Anthony

        Mix wouldn’t be able to handle playing for the Cosmos, the whole concept of winning matches and trophies would be too much of a culture shock for him.

        • slowleftarm

          I’m sure the lower level of his competition and teammates would be quite a shock!

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