MLS Players Union denounces immigration ban

MLS Players Union MLS


The Major League Soccer Players Union released a statement expressing disappointment in an immigration ban recently ordered by President Donald Trump.

“We are extremely disappointed by the ban and feel strongly that it runs counter to our values as a nation,” said the Union. “We are deeply concerned, both specifically for our players who may be impacted, and broadly for all people who will suffer as a result.”

The law impacts those born in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Sudan. No MLS players hail from those countries, but Steven Beitashour and Justin Meram notably play for the Iranian and Iraqi national teams. Both were born in the U.S. and therefore are not directly impacted by the ban.

Michael Bradley, captain of the U.S. men’s national team, was most vocal, responding to a question from Grant Wahl that “I truly believe the United States is a country that has always been about welcoming people from all over the world.” He later added to his comments in a post on Instagram, saying that he is “sad and embarrassed” and that the ban shows Trump as “out of touch with our country.”

Here is the full statement:

MLS Statement