MLS Playoff Schedule Unveiled, Final on Fox

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Major League Soccer unveiled its broadcast schedule for this year’s playoffs, and it means a return to broadcast television for MLS Cup.

This year’s final will be played December 10th at 8 p.m. on Fox, the first time the game has been on broadcast since ABC aired the final in 2008. That is a Saturday night; there will be no football to compete with. Recent MLS Cups have gone head-to-head with the NFL or college football.

December 10th is the latest ever date for an MLS Cup Final.

The conference semifinals will once again feature four-game Sundays, on October 30th and November 6th.

The Sunday scheduling is broken up for the conference finals, with the East forced to play on weeknights. The Eastern Conference will play leg one on Tuesday, November 22nd, and Wednesday, November 30th. BMO Field in Toronto is hosting the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup on November 27th, which would prevent Toronto FC from hosting the second leg on a more typical schedule.


  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    Oh my. MLS playoff matches on such tv outlets as FOX & UniMas? The Final on FOX broadcast TV? In Prime Time????

    Not bad for a league that isn’t independent and is watched by Taylor Swift and plastic fans alike. Can’t wait to see nasl and dead cosmos fanboys put their spin on this one! roflmao!

    Hmmmm. I bet Peterson was all set to announce the nasl was going to be on FOX, but the evil Garber got to the MAJOR networks first.


    • No Poku No Party

      You forget to mention there are going to be matches on ESPN and ESPN2 as well.

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