MLS, Red Bulls enforce sanctions on “YSA” free night


On a night devoid of the “YSA” chant, the Garden State Ultras Supporters Club felt the league’s resolve as sanctions against the club were levied despite their good behavior.

Section 133 was packed to the brim, singing in full voice for the New York Red Bulls during a listless 0-0 draw against rival Philadelphia despite league and club levied punishments for their support of “YSA.”

If you missed yesterday’s report, Major League Soccer, along with the New York Red Bulls, made good on their threat to begin applying sanctions on supporters clubs that continue to back and take part in the “YSA” – or “You Suck @$$hole” – chants. While the Viking Army nor the Empire Supporters Club has successfully eradicated it’s presence, their attempts to quell the chants have been looked upon favorably by league brass.

For the GSU’s stance against the league’s requests, the Red Bull front office and MLS took away all flag, TIFO and banner privileges for an indeterminate period.

Attempts to test the league’s resolve were met with swift action. As the South Ward unveiled a large “This Is The Life!!!” TIFO across the section, section 133 was noticeably absent in action. When flags did appear in the section, blue shirt security guards made their way down the aisle to confiscate their paraphernalia. Even when the GSU attempted to unfurl their modest supporters club banner, that too was confiscated.

Despite those setbacks, the section was vibrantly behind their team throughout the night, without incident of serious resistance or conflict.

  • slowleftarm

    Harassing your best customers is an interesting way to run a business. Meanwhile the South Ward was curiously quiet most of the night. Near sellout crowd but nowhere near the normal energy of an RBA crowd. Granted a lot of that was down to the game itself but a sombre supporters section never helps.

  • Gruff and Manly Bob

    The irony is that GSU finds YSA pretty lame. It wasn’t that they supported YSA, they were against the censorship in general. Sitting in 130 closest to 133, I can tell you that during the past games there section was not the one who were loud with it. They got punished more for their lack of appearing to curb it than their actual result. Disappointing.

  • Chan

    From 124, YSA was barely heard on one occasion, and mostly not at all. It is unfortunate that this issue has come down to enforcement. Now, will MLS address the SOB chant that sounds like “FU” in its tame moments and fully spelled out at its worst? This Union chant was heard many more times than YSA from anywhere in RBA.

    • Anonymous

      Or come on the U! That’s the chant, you just hear what you want

      • Chan

        I understand your “shoot ’em like a horse” pretty well. If it is Come on the U, it is not clear. Also, 124 is just below the upper deck where the travelling supporters are, so it is not like my section is too far away to hear clearly.

  • Honest Question

    Wait, if 133 was banned from having flags or anything, why’s there still a rainbow banner hanging in that picture?

  • let it rain

    YSA chant is lame but censorship is worse…odd to see supporters treated this way

  • rafael

    Let us stand up and fight against the tyrants in movie theaters and libraries that DARE tell us to limit our talking! How do we, as a society, tolerate the rudeness shown by our friends or family when they ask us not to use profane language in their homes or around their children! It’s oppression to have the landlord knock on my door at 1 a.m. and tell me to turn down the music!!

    Obviously I am being sarcastic, since this is a rather silly issue that some of us can’t seem (or want) to grasp. When you’re in someone else’s home, business or private property in general….if you want to exercise your right to freedom of (profane) speech then the property owners (RBNY) can exercise their right to kick you out. That’s not censorship, it’s respecting the property owner’s wishes. Nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a philosophical difference. You see clubs as being owned by rich businessmen who provide you with entertainment that you’ve purchased. Supporters see clubs as being owned by them, creating a place of community. Supporters see it as their house, so they can say and do what they want. If you treat it as a movie theater, don’t be surprised when it has the same sense of community as a movie theater.

  • Mullet

    Enough! 133 does not mean GSU. We sit in 133, all of 133 is not GSU. We left. Everyone left behind… tourist and non members. They are punishing tourists and non members for actions they had nothing to do with. We are not supporting YSA we just won’t be bought. WE DO NOT SUPPORT YSA. We support freedom in a place we give our hard earned money to.

  • YSA is a simpletons chant and I feel GSU is being made the scape goat for telling the FO publicly that it doesn’t want/need the perks. Sadly there are ample people who sit in 133, 101 and 102 just don’t care who sit in all of the sections who are aware of the efforts to stop the chant and do it just to be douchebags. Some are tourist some are members of clubs.

    At least it gives us something to talk about because surely no one is praising the footy at the moment.

  • King Cantona

    The Borough Boys reserve the “You Suck *******” chants for the Vipers Nest fanboys. Built by Mikita!

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