MLS unveils new logo

Say goodbye to the ball and boot!

Major League Soccer revealed their new logo early Thursday morning, bidding farewell to a badge design that has been the league’s template since 1994 — two years before their inception.

“MLS is a very different league today than it was when it launched nearly 20 years ago,” reads a league press release. “With everything that has occurred during the last 12-18 months — new teams, new stars, new media partnerships, new stadiums — we needed a brand that better reflects who we are as a league, where we are going and what we want to become.”

The badge features three stars representing “Club, Country and Community.” The extended slash down the heart of the crest is a representation of “soccer’s speed and energy.”

The blank area is where the badge gets interesting. The new MLS logo will use that space to represent their individual clubs. While the template for the league in general is their red on white design, each team will have a color equivalent featured on their kits:


Clearly, it is a departure from its predecessor. “The new brand’s design is intended to say “soccer” without the literal ball and cleat,” MLS explains. “In the end, we decided that the inclusion of a ball and cleat is unnecessary as it dates us very quickly (due to the fast pace of innovation in our game) while many other ways exist to signal we are a soccer league.

“Our new brand will build meaning over time so that our new crest signifies soccer in North America and has a unique place in global sports.”

The new logo will be a central part of the league’s 20th anniversary and their 2015 “MLS NEXT” branding message.

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  • NYsoccerfan

    Good. But I don’t understand the white half. Why not red and white stripes to represent American soccer and substitute the red for blue, or is that too easy? What are we Poland?

  • Myles

    I don’t like it. There’s way too much confusion over the red/white/blue crests — which one represents which team?

  • Myles

    I’m guessing it’s to keep the Canadians happy. *shrugs* Though I’m sure they’re demanding the stars be replaced by a maple leaf on their team specific crests already.

  • frank

    err wtf

    nfl has a football in the logo
    nba has a basketball player
    mlb has a baseball player
    epl has a football in image
    la liga has a football in image
    budasliga has a football player in image
    serie a has a football pitch in image

    but MLS is so well recognised it doesn’t need this in image???

    like searching mls doesn’t lead to Multiple Listing Service results

    how stupid, they could have just had indivually colored old logos with club colors.

    it looks cheap

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