Multiple reports link Miazga to imminent Premier League move



It no longer seems a question of if, but when Matt Miazga moves on from the New York Red Bulls.

ESPN soccer insider Taylor Twellman broke news stateside following a report from England’s Daily Mail claiming Miazga will complete a move to an unnamed English club “by the end of this week.”

The Mail claims Miazga’s transfer will fall in the vicinity of £3.5million (or roughly $5 million). Adding fuel to the report, ESPN’s Doug McIntyre reveals Miazga has left U.S. training camp.

Earlier this week, Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch was measured over the future of Miazga in New York. While he said there is a “likelihood” he would return to the club, Marsch made sure to say he would be watching the transfer window closely.

“Whenever you have situations like that, it is the end of the transfer window where things really heat up,” Marsch explained. “So I think we can expect some more energy behind Matt and his situation at the end of the transfer window.”

The candid response was a noticeably measured statement compared to the club’s take two weeks earlier. At the MLS SuperDraft, Marsch said, “As of right now, I see him being a Red Bull in 2016.” Ali Curtis was equally as emphatic about his return.

Miazga blossomed into a regular starter for the Red Bulls in 2015, appearing in 26 matches and earning 24 starts. His form prompted a U.S. National Team call-up from Jurgen Klinsmann. The Clifton native made his international debut against St. Vincent and the Grenadines on November 13th of last year.


  • Cosmo

    Are you paying attention Omar Gonzalez, sounders Morris, zardes, altidore, Bradley.
    So what happens to “best team in the east” and the “the team with the greatest future and prospects”
    Will their owner finally open the wallet?
    By the way, Omar Gonzalez couod have been his replacement but he had no patience. What a dummy.

    • Andrew

      LA would never have traded Gonzalez to another team in MLS.

      As for the Red Bulls specifically, if this rumor does turn out to be true, we will really need to add another high quality CB. While I am confident in Ouimette as a depth option, he is not the answer as the full time starter next to Zubar.

      • Pele

        Zubar hasn’t proven to be very good. Damien has been the better of the two Frenchmen, but that was while playing next to Matt, who still has young legs.

      • paul mccrary

        Two. They need two MLS ready CBs because Zubar will miss time for disciplinary purposes (look how sloppy he was last season) and Ouimette will miss time for national team duty. Until DP is back, they’re CBs are way below average.

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    I don’t know if Miazga is physically up for the EPL at this point in training camp. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sold and then immediately loaned back to the NYRB until the summer. Similiar to what was done with Yedlin.

  • Luke

    hopefully a good move for him, the MLS development machine seems to be working with development of Miazga and Yedlin and then they transfer to EPL for hopefully better and brighter things if they can make it there, they need to get on the field though…

  • ???

    Another budding star going to the bench!!!!

  • paul mccrary

    This’ why MLS will never enter the Top 3 sports in The US. You don’t sell a player for cash and look like an organization that wants to win. Teams trying to shed cap space or maximize profits (Florida Marlins, 76ers) do that and they are seen as also-rans. Until MLS figures out a way to get players for players, then they’ll look bush league to the average American fan.

    • George

      he’s on his last year or his contract and is likely to go to Europe anyway, really, they have no choice. Unless the salary cap is lifted and they pay much more $$$ than they can now.

      • slowleftarm

        They could always choose to pay him DP money but if his heart is set on Europe, there isn’t much they can do. He’s an employee, not a slave.

        • paul mccrary

          They can play out this year and then let him go. It’s not like the money matters more than trying to win MLS Cup, or does it to RBNY?

        • George

          i agree, i was thinking exactly the same thing. but he seems set on going to europe. i also thing jurgen needs to lock him up or he may use that passport of his

          • slowleftarm

            He’s cap-tied. Also, it sounds like Paul is new to the game. Soccer teams generally don’t force guys who want to leave to instead stay and, at the same time, forgo millions of dollars for a player they spent years developing.

      • paul mccrary

        They had a choice to play out this year and make a run for the title. Ouimette and Zubar are not the answer to any question other than, “How do you not make the playoffs?”

    • Sammy the Red Bull

      You can’t compare other U.S. sports to MLS. MLS works in a world market against leagues with teams that have a hundred year head start on them. The NBA, NFL and MLB only compete amongst themselves.

      I hate seeing Miazga leave, but if he ever wants to find out how good he can be, he needs better competition. Any EPL team that takes him will probably send him out on loan next season anyway.

  • slowleftarm

    Miazga has been at RBNY since he was 14. Hempstead Cosmos academy develops players that clubs like Chelsea want right?

    • Jonny


    • Anonymous

      You forgot the Smurf Village. Man City is begging for their young prospects to go to Europe.

  • He has been open about going to EPL. He was key to RB 2015. Lets see what else they have as I think with DP injury they need to add. Sad to see him go but good luck Matt!