“My Decision:” Vieira explains Pirlo’s absence vs. Union



One surprise omission from New York City FC’s side against the Philadelphia Union was Andrea Pirlo.

According to NYCFC boss Patrick Vieira, the reason for his absence was tactical, and ultimately, a personal decision.

“I was really just choosing the best team to try to win football matches,” Vieira told reporters after the match. “[With regards to] the team we are going to play against, and how we can hurt them, and how we can defend regarding their strength.

“It’s my decision.”

Pirlo has never purposefully been omitted from the NYCFC 18 since arriving to the club last season. — and the decision to sit him out may not be just a one-time thing either. Vieira was glowing about the possession work of his midfield, leaving the door open for each to get a shot in Wednesday’s match against the Montreal Impact either.

“Andrea was not here today, he may get in on Wednesday,” Vieira began, “but to be honest I was really pleased and happy with the way that Tommy [McNamara], Mikey [Lopez], [Federico] Bravo, and [Kwadwo] Poku played. I was really pleased with my midfield.”

  • Ken Reeves

    ‘My decision’ translation — ‘he’s hungover and don’t wanna run’

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  • Arsenal10023

    This signals the beginning of the end for either Pirlo, Vieira, or both. Are you telling me that Pirlo has fallen off so much that he cannot even break into the 18 of an MLS team second from the bottom?

    Shows that MLS is not a retirement league — you need fresh legs and Pirlo (and Lampard) don’t have them. What a mistake to sign both these guys….why not pool the money and find another Giovinco?

    • Disappointed NYRBer

      @Arsenal10023 : They were signed to excite the fan-base …. now is the time to sign players that want to actually still play competitively.
      PS: Sorry about your gunners. This is the year for Leicester City

  • Disappointed NYRBer

    The only thing worse/more disappointing than NYFC is my dear NYRB … sigh

  • The rock

    Pirlo is not a bad signing, but he can’t run or defend.
    In order for pirlo to work, nycfc should have a another killer forward and 2 wings that know how to run those sidelines.
    Imagine villa and niño Torres together with 2 wings like a ribery,and pirlo doing the proper passing.

    • Nick Chavez

      More importantly, Pirlo is an internationally renowned footballing figure which allows City Football Group to align it’s global synergies and allow for greater expansion of our international footballing brand. He and Lampard are so international that it’s irrelevant if they actually play, you understand.

  • artie

    Physicality, ball pressure, fitness level is something these European DP ‘s are not used to. Too much deference and deification in their leagues. MLS players are hungry and don’t care where you played or what you have won. It man v man, 1 on1 for 90 minutes today, bring it on. MLS has its shortcomings but effort and tenacity is not lacking. Lazy, entitled and babied players don’t last or play in this league.

  • UsSoccer

    And you are a total, total, idiot to be pleased with “Tommy” dragging his feet around as if he is either wearing 25 pound shoes or were an 88 year old who forgot his cane.

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