NASL Expects to Make Announcement on Traffic Sports Relationship Soon

Bill Peterson talking NASL


It’s been a challenging year for the NASL off the field, but at least one major headache could be off the league’s plate soon.

In a media conference call on Wednesday ahead of the championship final, NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson indicated that the league would likely be making an announcement in regards to its relationship with Traffic Sports soon.

“We’re gonna make an announcement on where we are with [Traffic] soon enough, probably at the end of this month,” Peterson told the media. “It’s not something we’re going to talk about this week and take away from the championship. We’ve resolved almost all the relationships there, we’ve talked about that publicly. What’s left will be settled soon enough.”

The NASL took swift measures to eliminate Traffic Sports’ influence in the league on an operational level last year following the indictment of Traffic President Aaron Davidson in the probe on corruption in FIFA. Davidson, who pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy just last month, was removed from his position as chairman of the league’s board of governors immediately and the league eventually found a buyer in Steve Malik for the Traffic-owned Carolina RailHawks by the end of the year.

Excising the financial investment Traffic had in the league has proven more difficult. The league’s business is separated into Class A and Class B shares. Class A shares is designated for the owners at the club level, while Class B shares are reserved for investors who got in on the ground floor of the NASL.

Traffic has remained a significant stakeholder in Class B shares throughout the corruption scandal.

Peterson informed EoS in January that the league was working with Traffic to dissolve their investment entirely.

“We have severed ties in everything except an investment [Traffic] made in the league a long, long time ago — and they weren’t alone,” Peterson explained at the time. “It was a group of owners, not just Traffic, that made an investment in the league five or six years ago

“We will probably work to wind that down at some point and then there won’t be any relationship with us.”