NASL hopefuls SF Deltas Launch Campaign to Secure Kezar Stadium

San Francisco


While an official announcement that the newly launched San Francisco Deltas will be joining the North American Soccer League is expected in the coming weeks, the club is already working hard to lock in a home venue.

The consensus is that the Deltas have been targeting Kezar Stadium as their preferred home grounds. The club confirmed as much on Tuesday when it launched an online campaign to garner local support for the proposal.

The club is asking supporters sign their names to a form letter addressed to the commissioners who oversee the city’s Recreation and Parks Commission. Located in Golden Gate Park, Kezar Stadium is a publicly owned and operated facility, meaning the Deltas need approval from the commissioners to use the venue.

Along with stating the desire to see professional soccer at Kezar Stadium, the form letter also requests that the commissioners approve measures the club needs to “survive economically.” This segment is likely referring to permits the Deltas are seeking to sell alcohol on game days.

Opposition to the Deltas playing at Kezar has already begun to sprout up as discussions between the club and the city have become public. The notion of alcohol sales at the public park along with the traffic concerns of hosting “15-20” home games a year has ruffled a few feathers within the community. Those opposed to the Deltas at Kezar have also started a movement to garner support.

Kezar is seen as an ideal location for the NASL startup given its downtown location and proximity to public transportation.

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  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    a crumbling stadium for a crumbling independent league. sounds abut right.

    theres no rush for sf to get a stadium. there’s a ton of high school football fields all over town they can use. and if they cant get one asap they can always skip the spring season and start in the fall. like a lot of those independent division 3 teams do.

    • What Larry Really Means

      I am bsessed with the nasl. I am a lonely, desperate man who is in need of help. I have no friends, no lovers, no job and no hobbies. I cannot accept myself for who I am so I harass others. I am lonely, sad and pathetic. I am ashamed of myself and my extremely large buttocks. I cry myself to sleep at night.

      • Larry\’s A Simpleton

        hey jsprech-opencupfan, you werent complaining when we were cuddling last night

        • What Larry Really Means

          I have a man crush on someone I met on Empire of Soccer! I feel pretty!

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  • Arsenal10023

    Who is the money behind this team? Seems a bit amateurish in their approach….form letter to Parks and Rec, really?

    • Tommi

      Not really amateurish at all, its just ONE of the ways of dealing with some of the nimbys in the neighborhood.

  • Tommi

    Hopefully the NASL’s SF Delta’s secure Kezar, its really the best option of the available venues in the city. Its had renovations in the last few years and with the SF Delta’s comitting 800K in further reno’s to the 10K stadium it will do for a few years. NASL’s rival MLS has hosted some non league games there in the last few years as well.

  • HydraHamster

    I really don’t like how this team is shaping up. Since the beginning, I thought they was a joke made by some SF people with a strange sense of humor. Now it’s looking more scary since it looks like they are the future NASL team Bill Peterson was talking about. The decided stadium is a odd choice once you look at the surrounding area.

    • Jspech

      How much money do you intend on investing in this club? Or you are just bloviating? “I really don’t like how this club is…”

  • Rebel Fighter

    Isn’t that the recyclable symbol?

  • seth israel

    The USL third division trolls are at it again. Only in America do you find soccer fans cutting each other throat over what league is more relevant than the other. This never happens in other established soccer leagues.

    • Matt

      Isn’t it great? I love it. Long live the war of leagues!

  • alex gago

    It is a know fact that for less than $1M you can own a USL club and have no chance of ever moving up to MLS. It take much more capital investment to own an NASL club, The Fort Lauderdale Strikers recently purchased by Brazilian investors for $10 million, New York Cosmos are worth over $50 million players on average earn 10 times more in the NALS than USL.

    • Eric B

      Define “moving up to MLS”. If you mean taking the $1M investment and getting promoted, then no. If you mean running a successful team so that MLS notices, and then buying in for a much larger sum of money, then there is a decent chance of moving up if you have the right situation. Orlando moved up. Sacramento is likely to as well, and San Antonio moved into the USL to increase their prospects of moving into MLS.

    • slowleftarm

      Does Alex have any facts to back up his statement that 1) Hempstead Cosmos are worht $50m or 2) that NASL players earn ten times what USL players earn? I doubt it because both statements sound nonsensical to me.

      • Tommi

        @slowleftarm – You who has no facts re the NASL only falasies are questioning them? Thats rich coming from you, hilariously rich!

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