NASL Meetings, Day 1: Carlos Slim and the Cosmos, Expansion, USL and More

Carlos Slim


Tuesday’s NASL board meetings overloaded the internet with rumors, innuendo and an endless stream of drama.

Here is what we know:


Hours prior to the leak of Carlos Slim’s possible involvement and rumored purchase of the New York Cosmos, multiple sources were already informing us that the Mexican billionaire was somehow tied to the Cosmos in a potential ownership stake. Unfortunately, without a solid source on the ground to confirm, we declined to share Slim’s role until we managed to investigate the matter a bit further.

Today, several sources continue to insist on Slim’s role as a possible investor or new owner of the Cosmos.

EoS reached out to the New York Cosmos for comment. They would neither confirm nor deny Slim’s possible involvement.

Does that indicate some truth to the reports? Perhaps. But without final confirmation, it is difficult to say. What we do know is that the Cosmos were represented at the Atlanta meetings by team Vice Chairman, Jeremy Wilkins. Seamus O’Brien remained in New York and is rumored to be speaking with potential investors for the club.

Could there be a connection?

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the first time we have heard Carlos Slim’s name connected with the Cosmos. Earlier this year, he was rumored to be interested in an investment role with the club as well. However, without a clear confirmation to the chatter, EoS decided to forgo the report.


Much like the ESPN report released late Tuesday night, EoS has also heard the Cosmos ownership has no interest in a potential USL move. However, their future participation in the NASL is contingent on this week’s meetings, meaning even that stance could change.

What we have learned is that most, if not all, New York Cosmos players are up to date on pay as of late Tuesday afternoon. Players are now waiting on bonuses and wages for December to be paid.

Front office staff, however, remain unpaid, with some enduring two billing cycles (four weeks) or more without a check heading into December and the holiday season.


  • Sources tipped off Sunil Gulati’s presence in Atlanta, along with heads of the USL. What their involvement or participation may be is anyone’s guess.
  • One of the juicier rumors of the day came from the presence of four potential ownership groups that may be interested in joining the league. None would be ready for a possible 2017 season. However, a key, unnamed NASL backer is said to be pulling strings with several potential investors in order to entice them to join the league and participate in its revival phase.

UPDATE: Sunil Gulati tweeted about his role in Atlanta this week, which apparently involves more work between the USL and NASL: