NASL responds to Minnesota United’s MLS move

Bill Peterson talking NASL


Minnesota United made official their move to Major League Soccer on Friday evening, leaving behind six years of history with the second division North American Soccer League.

While the NASL was not mentioned by name during Friday’s press conference, the league did acknowledge Minnesota’s move prior to the official announcement.

Here is a statement from NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson:

We would like to be the first to wish Minnesota United FC much success in its new endeavors in MLS. Dr. Bill McGuire and his staff and players have been passionate and dedicated partners during their time in the NASL, and we thank them for that. It’s also important to recognize the incredible fans who have supported Minnesota’s NASL clubs over the last six years.  It has been a real joy to watch them develop such a deep love for their club.


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  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    Alas, the league seems to be on it’s last legs.

    I’m sure once the NASL folds the f.cosmos will have the world beat a path to their door just begging them to join their league.

    EPL? La Liga? Bundesliga? My money is on Liga MX.

    • Hernando Peralta

      With that type of attendance : 1000 in F. Laudardale, 1000 in Edmonton and 2000 in the lousy Cosmos…What did you expect?

  • Potito

    ….poor nasl!!……for me establishment NASL is made of incompetent men , not lovers nasl soccer, who are killing the NASL….it’s bad nasl site too..Nasl site reflects this bed ugly passion and love for the legendary league.
    Everyones fired , beginning with peterson.

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