NASL San Francisco Group Unveils Name: San Francisco Deltas



While the NASL has yet to make an official announcement that it has approved expansion to San Francisco, the group spearheading the effort has continued its strategy of rolling out the club’s identity online. 

On Sunday, subscribers to the group’s e-mail list at were given the first notice of the future club’s name, San Francisco Deltas, as well as a few pieces of merchandise.

 No explanation or context was given for the choice of Deltas but links were provided to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with the same moniker. A website with the domain name also popped up.

The social media accounts provided looks at an event on the streets of San Francisco with a group of fans wearing the merchandise shown in the e-mail drumming, chanting, and holding signs. 

NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson recently told EOS that an official announcement for west coast expansions would happen in the next one to two months. 

  • Jerry

    Go west!!!!!

    Love the market NASL is expanding to. Great move.

  • alex gago

    Not sure why USL 3 division clubs with no chance of every entering MLS start moving to second division NASL?

    • DanGerman

      Because it doesn’t make much financial sense for them too. Why move to a league that won’t help increase attendance that much and make you spend more on travel. Once the NASL has a national footprint similar to the USL then you may see teams move to the NASL but until then I don’t think teams would consider it frankly.

  • Anonymous

    Great move. Big market.
    MLS can have atlanta
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-don garber sleeping at the wheel

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      typical nasl monkeybrain. Atlanta will play in a world class stadium and already have 25ooo season tickets sold and typical nasl fanboy jerks off over a team that will draw 4000 people and play on a high school football field.

      really, nasl fans ought to be locked up in mental hospitals.

      • Dr. Freud

        Speaking of mental hospitals, Larry, the men in straightjackets are coming to get you. You need to go back to the institution.

      • Larrys pet sheep

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        I miss you

      • Knucklehead Larry

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        Im your beat cuddling buddy the sheep.

        Hear me?!?!?


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      • Kahkakew Yawassanay

        Atlanta will end up playing the typical crap quality of football MLS is famous for…NASL will be on par if not a higher quality after the MLS finishes its expansion to 32 clubs freezing out all USL clubs hoping to get in on the greed fest of the illegal SES that strives solely to ensure guaranteed profits for co-owners….MLS is and will always be solely about profits, nothing more, nothing less.. NASL is about quality football and growth of the game.
        Sooner than ater NASL will surpass MLS’ in quality and development of the game as they initiate pro/rel with a second div., which MLS never will allow so as to keep profits as high as possible.

        • HydraHamster

          I agree with everything you said, but the chance the NASL will surpass the MLS in quality. That will be easier said than done. The NASL clubs is lacking competition to build themselves off from while the MLS have the CONCACAF Championship League and a future chance at the Copa Libertadores tournament if they feel like it. That door is not open to a second division who’s only chance at a CONCACAF CL spot is a unfair Open Cup tournament where it puts all the remaining lower division versus all the MLS franchise business squads.

          Realistically, the NASL’s only chance at surpassing the MLS is if they become D1 themselves. That chance is not good considering the power MLS have over the other divisions within the USSF.

          • DanGerman

            What the NASL needs isn’t the CCL it needs its teams to build soccer stadiums and infrastructure at a level similar to MLS. MLS didn’t get more recognition and better players from playing in the CCL, once the NASL can get all its teams playing in there own SSS then they can start to compete with MLS. Until then playing in college stadiums were you get crappy dates and with Football and Lacrosse lines on them isn’t going to cut it.

          • Eric B

            So the NASL is lacking competiton, but placing them against MLS teams in the USOC is somehow unfair? Wouldn’t that be the “competiton” that they so desparately need? What am I missing?

        • Ralph Long

          Lol surely that’s a joke

      • Kenny aka larry’s imaginary friend

        Larry must get 10 minutes a night to “catch up” with his imaginary friends.
        Very nice of the lunatic ward to do that for you. Laaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy

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      • Kenny aka larry’s imaginary friend

        Larry. Ever see attendance for braves games???? How about the Hawks????

        I think your attendance numbers for atlanta united , fc, need a sanity check. Oh right. You’re a retard.

  • Anonymous

    Viva SF!!!!!!

  • pele

    finally I have a team to cheer for :-)
    san Francisco and san diego deserve mls teams too bad mls went for san jose and now Sacramento.

    • Warren

      Don’t know much about the history of pro soccer in the Bay Area?

      • Ken

        Div I and II: San Francisco Gales, United Soccer Association (1967); Oakland Clippers, National Professional Soccer League (1967); North American Soccer League (1968); San Jose/Golden Bay Earthquakes, North American Soccer League (1974-84); Sacramento Spirits/Gold, American Soccer League (1976-81); Oakland Stompers, North American Soccer League (1978); San Jose Earthquakes, WASC/WSAS/WSL (1985-88); San Francisco Bay Blackhawks, WSL/APSL (1989-1992); San Jose Clash/Earthquakes, MLS (1996-2005; 2008-Present). As well as various Div III and lower clubs in the USISL/USL over the years.

  • Stephan

    Bay area is a winderful pick for NASL.

  • Arsenal10023

    And the next step is getting to 20 teams and applying for D1 status. Keep going NASL!

    • jimmy k

      yeah right, what a joke – nasl D1 status?…

      why don’t the teams try to actually beat USL teams first (after 7 losses in a row), nasl is bush minor league, nowhere near D1 level, no matter what their label says. They don’t have academies or produce young players like mLS does.

      nasl is closer to D3 or 4 than 1

      • That’s exactly right! It;s MLS or bust, baby! Look at all the talent we develop! Did you SEE Matt Miazga & Luis Gil against Colombia!? Outstanding! And what about Mix Diskerud last Friday? Yup! He’s MLS too! Not only is MLS D1, but it’s world class! Let’s be honest, if you were Portugal & you could replace Cristianio Ronoldo with Kyle Beckerman, wouldn’t you do it? OF COURSE you would! MLS Is the pathway to greatness!

        Sunil, fetch me my breakfast!

  • Scott

    I’m not sure if it’s their intention, but I would love it if the name was a reference to the Sacramento River Delta region of California, just outside of the Bay.

    I don’t think San Jose would like MLS adding another Bay Area team. NASL makes sense, though I wonder how their will compete with the SF NPSL supporter-run side. I don’t know the dynamics of that market, but surely there is room for a couple of non-MLS sides. SF is a domestic soccer sleeping giant.

    • major loser league

      Out “D1 league” needs some serious help. Ask our national coach. It’s time something changes after 20 years of “D1”

      Love this site!!!!

      • John

        Tampa Bay looking to expand stadium to join MLS!!