NYCFC to play Puerto Rican National Team in December Friendly



New York City FC announced today that it will play a friendly match against the Puerto Rican National Team in Bayamón on December 11.

“We are looking forward to a competitive match and are excited to learn about the growing interest of soccer in Puerto Rico,” NYCFC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna said. “We want to thank the Puerto Rican National Team for giving New York City FC  the opportunity to play this match at the end of our historic first season as a Club.”

The match will be a homecoming of sorts for NYCFC goalkeeper Josh Saunders who was once the goalkeeper for Puerto Rico’s national team. It will also provide local residents with a chance to see the team’s three designated players live and in action.

“It is a great opportunity for our Puerto Rican National Team to face, at home, a Club with players of such magnitude and recognition,” Eric Labrador, president of the Puerto Rican Football Association said. “In addition, it’s a great opportunity for our fans to enjoy the play of the most decorated, international trio in MLS history.”

The match will be played at the Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium, the future home of Puerto Rico FC of the NASL.

The club said it will have more information about the match on a Facebook page and tickets will go on sale on October 5th on

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  • William

    yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best idea they’ve ever had.

  • rebel fighter

    NASL inspired? Perhaps.

  • slowleftarm

    Geez these guys are copying Cosmos now? What’s next – moving to a lacrosse stadium in the middle of nowhere and getting crowds of 4k?

    • John

      You know I find it funny that the Cosmos fans complain about Hofstra and not being able to draw a crowd.

      Nassau county has 1.4 million people so you tell me that you cant get 10,000 people interested in your product?

      The bottom line is no one wants to watch minor league sports and the cosmos are minor league.

      • William

        3 brain cells and the same 1 thought over and over take a bow genius

        • slowleftarm

          That’s because not much brain power is required to show that Cosmos are minor league. Plus when your smartest fan is Leo Glickman how much thought is really needed?

          • William

            Please troll back to Harrison and watch the metrostars ill pay the fare

    • William

      the Bronx FC ?

  • cosmos before and after

    I love this soccer talking going back and forth, too much to explain.

  • David Carlin Goat fucker


  • Ali C is my man

    Does Puerto Rico even have soccer team? Or did they just cobble together some NYCFC ultras?

  • slowleftarm

    Well they’ll have some free time during the playoffs. Enjoy your football posers. I’ll be watching The Red Bulls win the MLS(soccer) cup. I hope it’s a good game!

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on. Be realistic. No you won’t. The Red Bulls will choke again like they always do.

      • We only choke 95% of the time. In the last couple years, we’ve dislodged an object to beat Chicago and win the Shield, and kept breathing to finally beat DC in a playoff series. We like to mix it up now, so it’s hard to say what’ll happen.

        Anyway, enough lessons on MLS playoffs from people who don’t know anything about MLS playoffs.

        • Anonymous

          Only lesson I need to know: 20 years and no MLS cup.

          I’ll be more than happy to change my opinion about the team when they finally do win one. Who knows? It might even happen this year. Until then, history is not exactly on your side–certainly not enough to back up the original claim that I was responding to.

          And yes, the Red Bulls are a better team than NYCFC this season (and likely for the next few seasons, at least). That’s a separate issue altogether.

    • slowleftarm

      That was an impostor. No way am I on this site at 2:48 am nor is there anyway I’m acting that confident about my team.

      The impostor is right that NYCFC will have plenty of time to get ready for this game.

  • 5 Boroughs SC

    What’s next, the Red Bulls playing the Dominican Republic National Team? Think again.

  • William

    I find this team to be unwatchable talk about the attendance over and over but why not talk about their high schoolish defensive play.