New York City FC, Adam Nemec mutually agree to part ways allowing player to sign for Dutch club



New York City FC striker Adam Nemec has signed with Willem II of the Dutch Eredivisie Monday, the Dutch club announced. Nemec had previously agreed with NYCFC to a mutual termination of his contract.

Nemec failed to score in the nine appearances for the club. He has not made an appearance for NYCFC since July 4th. He has signed a one-year contract with Willem II.

“First and foremost, we’d like to thank Adam for his hard work and contributions to New York City FC,” NYCFC head coach Jason Kreis said. “We believe this move is best for both Club and player. We all wish him well for the future.”

Nemec was signed by NYCFC on February 2nd to partner with David Villa up top. The two struggled to find chemistry and Nemec eventually lost his spot to Patrick Mullins.

Nemec was reportedly making $300,000 in base salary according to information provided by the MLS Players Union. Since he agreed to terminate his contract, NYCFC should recover that amount in salary cap space and free up an international roster spot for next season.

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  • Insider

    Nemec today, Villa as soon as the season is over.

  • Anonymous

    Lame organization. Lame fans. More to come lol.

    • John

      Lets see who ends up as the successful team in 2 years NYCFC or the Cosmos?

      NYCFC with massive money behind it, a great fan base that actually shows up at the stadium or the cosmos playing in the minor leagues , with 4k fans and no media coverage, does anyone in NY know the cosmos exist?

      Getting rid of Menec is a great move saves 300k in salary cap and opens up an international spot.

      • Insider


        More money to used an aged Europeans.

        Sure, you’ll outdraw the Cosmos, but you will still suck

      • Anonymous

        *yawn* NYYFC is a dumpster fire. Where did I put my readers digest? That’s more exciting, trust me.

        • DanGerman

          If the Cosmos were half the “dumpster fire” that NYCFC is they’d be in a pretty good spot money wise. Getting an average of 28K fans per game, anything the team does gets covered by all the local papers, yeah its a pretty important “dumpster fire” right now. Can anyone name the only soccer club in NYC to actually play IN

          • Justin

            When will NYCFC fans stop putting attendance ahead of winning? NYCFC should move to the NASL and leave the MLS for the real clubs.

            • Sergio

              Because it’s all about attendance. Fans think it’s about winning, but it’s not. It’s about making money. And 28g’s in a crappy stadium for a semi crappy team is purty sweet. Not only do they have more money that the Redbulls, they are making more money RIGHT NOW. At the end of the day, it’s all about the benjaminz. And, eventually, they’ll win some games. Maybe not this year. Maybe not even next year. But soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Saw the papers today. Someone left the team. Cool.
    NY boy city is awesome dude ! The coach is next lol.

    • Rip

      Clearly we will do that when we are winning more. I would think that would be obvious. Until then we’ll celebrate that our team is actually in the city and is enjoying great support. Why would we not? Just because it upsets you?

      • Rip

        Sorry…that was in response to Justin above.

      • Mike Noll

        Oooooh your team is in the city. Totally awesome! The real city!
        Now- where’s my Giants jersey? There it is….right next to my friends Jets jersey.

  • Anonymous

    Ps 8th place. Lol

    • DanGerman

      Expansion team buddy. Almost all of them suck the first year. I realize that the Cosmos expansion team did well but when you can sign better players then everyone else in the league its pretty easy to win.

      • Smith

        NYCFC has plenty of resources. They just opted to spend it on Fat Frank, Heart Attack Pirlo, Unhappy Villa, Mixed Up and Nemec. No one to blame but themselves. They are **** and they earned it. Next year they will have DPs who are a year older and a whole new backline. They will be **** again. Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking they’ll be better. The only reason to watch will be to see if Pirlo dies from both lungs collapsing in a mid-season game in Dallas.

        • DanGerman

          And you know what’s funny they’ll still get 28k and more per game. Got to love the passion of new yorkers for their local soccer team.

          • Smith

            The attendance will fade as they continue to suck. The 1996 Metrostars drew well. Less so in 1997, hitting rock bottom in 1999. Based on the early decisions by Kreis, Reyna et al, you will be heading down the same road; only now you guys eat raw chicken.

            • DanGerman

              The Metrostars played in NJ in a hard to get stadium at the time. This is a totally different situation. The fact people can get to the games easily makes a world of difference. Even the Cosmos have begun to realize that.

              • Smith

                That’s a fair point, but newness increases crowds and losing, no matter where you play, decreases crowds. NYCFC is off to a good start with crowds, but they run the risk of blowing it if they follow the path of old, Big Name DPs and poor reaults. There’s risk intertwined with the reward. I agree about the superior location, but, man, this is a bad team.

                • DanGerman

                  Hell look at all of the expansion teams that have played in MLS since the Chicago Fire. 90% of the time they suck and they suck hard. I realize that and from the fans I’ve spoken to they mostly realize that as well. There is a good young core there to build around though. Shelton, Mix, Poku, Tommy McNamara are all young and good players. The team needs to focus on D and depth and they’ll make playoffs. I mean the team nearly has 20K in season ticket holders. Fans aren’t going anywhere, just look at Toronto they’ve sucked for a long time and they just expanded the stadium due to demand. NYCFC is the same vein as long as the team is trying I think fans will still follow them because again they’re New Yorks team.

                  • Have you actually watched Toronto games? They get high attendance in the style of the Yankees in New Yankee Stadium.

                  • Smith

                    Seattle was a competitive expansion team and they had been attendance too.

                    Of course, they didn’t provide the same humor value.

                • Rip

                  Of course if the team doesn’t get better, the popularity would wane…..but that success doesn’t have to be immediate. The games are pretty entertaining….heartbreaking….but entertaining. There’s no way the Lampard deal could be classified as anything as a disaster, Nemec was a bust, Mix is disappointing, and Pirlo….just isn’t Pirlo yet. But McNamara is young, Poku is young, Mix is young…they have youth talent. You’re right they are going through a lot of the growing pains other franchises already di….but I think they’ll come through it just like others before them.

          • You do realize it’s totally pathetic if attendance is the only thing a team has going for it, right?

            • Rip

              For an expansion team? No…no it is not. Orlando is in the same boat. Of course fans would have hoped for better results, who wouldn’t? But it’s great that the team is getting such support a supporting the growth of soccer in the US.

              • Not true. Orlando City already has their stadium backed and underway. Plus, Orlando City hasn’t looked completely dysfunctional on and off the pitch the last few weeks.

                • Rip

                  Wait? It’s whether you have your own stadium underway then is how you judge a franchise? That doesn’t make sense. NYCFC came into the league with the understanding that they wouldn’t have their own stadium for at least three seasons. So if after three seasons…they don’t even have a plan…that’s a legitimate gripe. But otherwise….because it’s so easy to build a stadium in NYC that the RedBulls chose Harrison?

                  As for OC’s last few weeks…here’s their last 10 results:
                  Our last 10 results:

                  Sorry….can’t agree with you there either.

              • Mike Noll

                Rip do you work for the front office? Seriously. You have to be the only fan who actually cares only about attendance. Every fan I know of cares about wins. Do you actually talk about attendance over a few beers at the local bar?! Are you on drugs,in denial,insane,dumb as a stump,or just joking? Accept the team you root for is awful. Actually worse than awful. But let’s not go there. I’m nice.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Better hope your **** squad starts winning soon dangerman, because I seriously doubt they’ll maintain those attendance numbers if they continue to lose . New York hipster eurotrash doesn’t like losing teams.

    • DanGerman

      NYC has 8 Million people in it. I think the club will find enough fans to replace the ones that leave. Seriously though you Red Bulls and Cosmos fans are certainly jealous this club has had this season. No worries though next year they’ll help you guys sell out your otherwise empty stadiums. So you guys should really be more thankful for that.

      • Smith

        I don’t think anyone is jealous of NYCFC’s on the field performance

        • DanGerman

          Not on the field but in the stands and in the media I always get the impression that Cosmos and Red Bulls fans are like “What about us, why no love”. Its because both teams while claim NYC as their home base don’t actually play there and where they do play is either not easy to get to or a dump and in some cases both.

          • RedBallz

            Yeah, I sense the Giants and Jets feel the same. Retard.

            • DanGerman

              Thanks for reinforcing what I was saying. NFL is king idiot you could place a team anywhere and you’ll get fans. Apples and oranges.

              • LOLL. So the Jets and Giants being in a sport/league that’s more popular, whose (debatable) drop in attendance from location affecting a higher starting number, means that they represent NYC and are a NYC team, and the MetroStars/Red Bulls don’t represent NYC and aren’t a NYC team. In the exact same location, but even less accessible from the city. Right; that follows.

                It’s just one of many speed bumps a team can have, like: callous treatment of fans, energy drink branding, Manchester City branding, minor league status, a different team repping the city first, human rights abusing owners, clueless team building, competition with another team, coach potato population, or whatever.

                Be sure to check out all the Washington Redskins in Maryland, LA Galaxies in Carson, Chicago Fires in Bridgeview, Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park, and the ****-ton of others that don’t represent their cities either.

  • Ron Shershack

    Hit the reset button. This first year has been a disaster. Lamp fart follies, Pirlo a heart attack about to happen, **** stadium w players falling everywhere, swept by RB, beaten by the Cosmos,Off the field sanctions on supporters, thrown off the path train,Bellos fight, banner upside down, flares, neo-nazi raw chicken eating freaks,fan getting tazed. I’ll give boy city one thing – never been an MLS expansion team or fans this pathetically bad. The league laughs at you. Honestly.

    • Mike

      You forgot crud

  • Ali is my man

    JK is not fsr behind him. Taxi for Kreis!

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