Report: New York City FC buys vast property in Rockland for training facility

Rockland NYCFC


While the team continues to search for land to house a soccer specific stadium, New York City FC has managed to secure a vast swath of land for their training facility.

The Rockland County Times reports NYCFC has purchased a whopping 17 acres of land within Orangetown’s Psychiatric Center Complex in Rockland County.

EoS can confirm the report.

Orangetown’s Town Board unanimously approved the sale last week, transferring the land from STEJ Corporation to NYCFC. The new training facility location is roughly 25 miles from Midtown Manhattan and a quarter mile off of the Palisades Parkway, exit 6W. It sits just south of the Broadacres Golf Club.The property will be used to house a full-sized and a half-sized soccer field for training purposes. The team also plans to construct offices, training spaces, parking and other amenities.

Rockland Times does not cite a price tag for the purchase, but did reveal that the current owner, STEJ, reportedly paid Orangetown $1.7 million for the 17-acre site 11 years ago, “at the rate of $100,000 per acre for the vacant former farmland.”

NYCFC will hold sole operational jurisdiction of the land. Town Attorney John Edwards, however, reveals that Orangetown residents can still attempt to derail the deal if a majority gathered against it. However, sources tell EoS that is an unlikely scenario.

NYCFC currently train at SUNY Purchase; a lease deal which allows the club to train on school premises.