New York City FC considering Citi Field as a potential home

(Image, Empire of Soccer)

(Image, Empire of Soccer)

When New York City FC ownership states they are looking at all possibilities for both a transitional and a permanent home, they aren’t kidding!

While Yankee Stadium has been an obvious stop-gap facility for the team to consider, the fledgling side has also reached out to an unlikely partner for a quick fix to their stadium needs; the New York Mets.

Both Manchester CEO Ferran Soriano and Director of Football Operations Claudio Reyna spoke about the possibility of finding a temporary home in Citi Field; mere blocks from Major League Soccer’s long sought after Flushing Meadows Park site.

“It’s been stated that we will be looking for a field, a stadium and more importantly a home,” Reyna said. “That’s very important for us as a club in New York City. To start off as many teams have done, we need to find a home, and that possibly could be either Yankee Stadium or Citifield. We still haven’t figure that out.

“There have been discussions with a few, both the Yankees and the Mets, and I think there is nothing concrete yet but we will find a home in time,” he continued. “We do have a little bit of time but I know these discussions will be ongoing and it’s impotant that we find something that makes sense for us and we feel welcome. That’s the most important thing.”

Reyna and the New York City FC ownership group continuously referenced the importance of feeling welcomed by the community. It is a lesson they have learned from Major League Soccer who have encountered nothing but resistance since stating their goal to land an arena in Flushing Meadows Park.

While the Mets would still likely balk at a stand alone stadium being built in their own backyard, a rental situation would simply mean more revenue for the organization.

That certainly has a different appeal.

“We have spoken with the Mets over the last few months and have discussed the possibilities,” Soriano said. “Today, all options are open. It’s day one. Give us some time and we will find a place to play on a transitional basis and eventually, a proper home.

“We will consider all options.”

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  • Fritz

    If they are willing to go to citi field that tells me they are still hoping to move to flushing meadow park. I am assuming they want to be as close to where they’re going to eventually play as possible.