New York Cosmos’ Savarese critical of refs after ejection


Mere minutes after being inserted into the match, New York Cosmos midfielder Dane Murphy found himself heading for the sidelines.

After an impact foul on the far side of the field, referee Juan Guzman wasted no time in pulling a harsh red card on the long-time Cosmos player.

The decision sent head coach Giovanni Savarese into a rage. The Venezuelan boss openly challenged Guzman and the linesman, stepping far out of his box in a menacing fashion before being escorted to the stands.

He wasn’t done criticizing the ref there. Savarese continued to expose his displeasure in his post-game press conference.

“The reason why I got thrown out is because of poor judgment of the referee on the red card that shouldn’t have been given to a player that has been working very hard throughout the entire season and had the chance to step on the field and contribute to the game,” Savarese said.

Few players or staff members have performed under the New York Cosmos name longer than Dane Murphy. Savarese recognizes that. Long before he was given the reigns to the Cosmos, Murphy was playing in Old Trafford alongside Robbie Keane, Nicky Butt and Dwight Yorke for the Paul Scholes Testimonial match.

Murphy, along with David Diosa and Stefan Dimitrov, make up the remaining core of players that have survived the ups and downs of this resurrected club since 2010. With Dimitrov netting the game winner, Savarese hoped Murphy could also get a taste of success in the waning minutes of the match.

“Because of a call that was completely out of place, (it) limits one of the players to play next week,” he noted. “Also, it put us in a difficult situation towards the end of the game.”

As for what he said to the refs, Savarese painted a demure picture despite his fiery façade. “I just walked over to say I didn’t agree that it was a good call,” he said.

Despite the team’s setbacks, which included a Marcos Senna injury, the now-infamous red card and playing a man down for the final 15 minutes of the match, Savarese believes his “Cardiac Cosmos” proved showed well and earned their spot in this year’s Soccer Bowl.

“It was very difficult to watch from the top of the stadium the last few minutes with ten men, but at the same token, I was very proud to see just how organized they guys were to hold on to the result and do very well at the end of the game.”