New York Red Bulls ad stampede on PATH trains

New York Red Bull fans perked up during their commute this week – and it didn’t take an energy drink to do it!

PATH trains have been plastered with wall to wall ads featuring New York Red Bull players. No mention of an energy drink. No mention of giving anyone “wings.” This is the first major ad campaign from the team this season, and many are pleased with it’s targeting strategy.

Best news for Red Bull fans? They are promoting the team, not the beverage.

Red Bulls beat writer for Gothamist, Dan Dickinson, spotted the ads early Thursday morning. Seeing Red! fan John Kleinchester gave us the heads up the day prior and Red Bull fan Chris Espiritu also contributed a few shots as well.

According to Dickinson, the ads surround both sides of the PATH car, from the top trim to the frame posters. They were also timely – pushing the next four home games against Montreal, Los Angeles, Columbus and Vancouver which leads the team right into the Gold Cup break.

And yes, they mentioned the proximity of Red Bull Arena to the train – “Located next to the Harrison PATH Station.”

Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill, Juninho and Dax McCarty were featured – each with their own blurb followed by a “run with us” theme. Henry? “Born to finish.” Juninho? “O Reizinho Chegou” (or “The Little King has come”). Cahill? “New Pitch, Same Promise. Whatever it takes.” Finally, McCarty – “Every ball. Every battle. Everything I have.”

Could they be a bit more specific? Absolutely. Still, this is leaps and bounds better than the random advertisements featuring players with the “Gives You Wings” promo line delivered last season.

Thoughts? Is this a positive step forward? What else would you like to see?

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  • I saw the Henry and Dax posters in LES yesterday plastered where concert posters normally live – Chrystie & Rivington. Great surprise!

  • Karl

    Time to take over the NYC Subway or Even Taxi Cabs….

  • jerichowhiskey

    It probably would’ve caught the ire of Garber, but it would’ve been awesome to see RBNY ads right next to the NY2 ads that are scattered around the subway saying, “You have a team already” or something to that effect.

    I guess I shouldn’t expect to see much in Queens, but I’d be very surprise if midtown Manhattan and below, and Brooklyn isn’t hit with something.

    P.S.- A cab is where the driver/motorperson is in. Just call it a car. :P

  • Larry

    Something > Nothing.

  • Matt

    Nice. It would be cook to have a desktop wallpaper of the running of the bulls pic in the corner.

  • Gruff and Manly Bob

    We would probably never see a RB jersey in a TV show or movie becuase it’s the same logo as the beverage and would effectively be free product placement. Not having a go at the brand, just the reality. Even if other teams with sponsors got credit, the logo isn’t as big as ours.. Excited that adds are starting. I wonder if they waited to target summer figuring spring games would be drawing less and went for bigger bang for marketing buck.

  • @whatsherbutt couldn’t let go…