Red Bulls, Cosmos comment on New York City FC

Comos Red Bulls

New York City F.C. has taken the soccer landscape by storm, but what do the current players in the New York market think of their inclusion?

Well, the response has been a lukewarm salute to both the league and the coming Manchester City/New York Yankees ownership group.

Both the New York Red Bulls and the New York Cosmos of the NASL have offered statements on the coming City franchise.

“We are supportive of MLS expansion, as it illustrates the growing interest of soccer in North America,” Red Bulls General Manager Jerome de Bontin said. “We also want to congratulate MLS and the League’s new ownership group which is injecting additional resources to help develop our sport across the country.

“Today’s announcement is one of many steps in the exciting and challenging process of building a competitive MLS club.”

Notably, he failed to address the club by name.

While de Bontin offered his congratulations, he also focused his attention towards the fans of his team.

The message? Stick with us.

“Our club’s energy is focused on winning a championship for the League’s most loyal and passionate fans, many of whom have steadfastly backed this organization and MLS since its inception and come from all over the tri-state area,” he said. “We are committed to continue to build an organization that is the flagship club for Major League Soccer around the world and a club that soccer fans across the region can be proud to support.”

Meanwhile, the New York Cosmos, who have long been linked to Major League Soccer, offered their own measured praise for the new club while touting their own debut.

Unlike the Red Bulls, the Cosmos acknowledged the coming team as well.

“We’ve known about Manchester City and Major League Soccer’s plans for many months,” Cosmos COO Erik Stover said. “We believe any investment in soccer in North America is great for the sport.

“We remain focused on our home opener on Aug. 3 and our plans to build a stadium at Belmont Park. As a storied New York club, we welcome another rival in New York.”

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  • Rebulls and Cosmos are both run by idiots who don’t give a **** about the city or the fans, so of course MLS sells out to a scum team from manchester.

  • New York Red Bulls, Cosmos comment on New York City FC via @EmpireOfSoccer

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