Neymar, Brazil to take on Costa Rica at Red Bull Arena

Brazilian superstar Neymar played an integral part in New York Red Bull history, helping inaugurate the new Red Bull Arena in 2010 with former club Santos FC.

Five years later, sources tell EoS the now-Barcelona striker may be making his return to Harrison.

The New York Red Bulls announced an international clash will take place at Red Bull Arena pitting world soccer powerhouse Brazil against CONCACAF upstart, Costa Rica on Saturday, September 5th at 4 p.m.

Brazil is expected to bring a first team caliber side, with head coach Dunga managing Neymar, Oscar, David Luiz and others. Meanwhile, Costa Rica, quarterfinalists in both the World Cup and this year’s Gold Cup competition, will likely call on their first teamers as well — which may include Red Bull fullback, Roy Miller.

A rumored encounter between Columbia and Peru was also being negotiated for Tuesday, September 8th at Red Bull Arena, but sources to EoS the chances of landing that match in Harrison are “not looking good.”

The match falls in the middle of MLS dates for the Red Bulls against DC United at Red Bull Arena on August 30th and a Friday showcase match against Chicago Fire on September 11th in Harrison.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Thursday, August 6, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Tickets are available by visiting as well as calling the New York Red Bulls ticketing line at 1-877-727-6223.

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  • Red eye

    The only times we see red bull arena pack. Sad but true.
    Imagine if cosmos and NYC both get their stadium, will red bull arena lose the friendlies to cosmos and NYC.

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  • slowleftarm

    It will be packed on Sunday despite RB doubling/tripling their usual ticket prices.

  • John

    The Red Bulls have yet to sell out the game against NYCFC this weekend following the reduced ticket allotment for NYCFC supporters.

  • splinter

    Yes all 3 NY teams will eventually have a stadium. The problem will be , how to attract the rest of soccer fans who do not attend man city USA games, or the red bulls , or cosmos…. When teams such as Brazil , Argentina, or who ever, come to NY ,they sellout all the time… And it happens everywhere. Yes there are millions of fans all around the country ,but are not MLS fans. The only answer to this problem is not having a salary cap.

  • john

    You know it is going to be difficult to build one stadium, NYCFC will eventually get something built in NYC but it is going to take more time. T

    The Cosmos will have a difficult time getting a stadium in NYC , they might need to look to NJ , CT or westchester.

    Redbull stadium is great and fantastic place for National teams to play friendlies, Once NYCFC has their stadium we should be able to get some of the biggest teams to play here. The future of soccer is looking great in NY/NJ area with the Redbulls and NYCFC leading the way.

  • red eye

    I think both cosmos and nyc should get their own stadium.
    Both, are paying their own stadium but just need land.
    It will probably be brooklyn cosmos, and nyc somewhere like bronx or queens.

  • john

    2 stadiums wont get built in NYC regardless of who pays for it. You have tax issues , land and politics to deal with. It is very difficult building stadiums in NYC since there is not a lot of available land and what is available is park land or state owned land and those become very political.

    Look at MLS trying to build a stadium in Flushing Meadows (pre NYCFC) the politicians came out against it and got the community to come out against it as well and the project died.

    NYCFC has the Yankees pushing and using their influence to get a stadium built which will really help NYCFC in the long run.

  • george naj

    The Cosmos don’t need a new stadium, they can use any long island high school or local junior college one to hold their 3000 fans

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