NYCFC Notebook: Kreis chides Red Bulls for “crass” comments, Lampard works on fitness, more


PURCHASE, N.Y. – The New York Red Bulls have been the chattier team in the Hudson River Derby — and with good reason. The Red Bulls have taken both of their New York City FC encounters, outscoring their opponents 5-2 and out playing them in both Red Bull Arena and Yankee Stadium.

These are facts NYCFC head coach Jason Kreis understands and acknowledges. He goes so far as to admit the need to improve on all levels.

The trash talk coming from the Red Bulls following the last match, however, was unnecessary in the eyes of the NYCFC boss.

“In both matches, we had periods or stretches where we were quite good — we may think that those periods and stretches were a bit longer than [the Red Bulls] wanted to say they were after the game,” Kreis told media members after Friday’s practice. “I thought that was a bit crass some of the talking they did after the match.”

The comments did not come from a single player but multiple, respected members of the Red Bulls franchise, categorizing the NYCFC threat as “15 minutes” of danger in an otherwise dominant Red Bull performance. That clearly set off Kreis, who said he would remind his players of the Red Bulls crowing ahead of Sunday’s match.

“Its not something I particularly like to talk about. I feel our players will do the talking on the field,” he said. “Perhaps we will go into the match with a little extra motivation.”


The long awaited Frank Lampard debut was a quiet affair. Unlike teammate Andrea Pirlo’s sensational performance at Yankee Stadium against Orlando City the week prior, Lampard was clearly showing a lack of fitness in his limited minutes.

This week, the Chelsea legend has worked on that issue, training in full with the club in all their team sessions. However, it is game time that will unearth the true Lampard, and that may be seen this week.

“You gain match fitness from playing matches,” Kreis said.  “There is no other way. Same thing for Pirlo, same thing for all the players.”

Lampard is just the latest in a slew of new players that hold promise for NYCFC’s future, but headaches for their short-term goals.

“We have Jefferson Mena who has only played two matches for us — not even a full two. We have Iraola and Angelino who have played four. We have a lot of guys who are building still,” Kreis said. “We hope as a coaching staff we are doing the right things and we hope the cohesiveness in our defense gets better every week. That is what we are looking for. That is our goal.”


  • Chris Wingert and Khiry Shelton are out for Sunday’s Hudson River Derby. Ned Grabavoy, however, will be up for contention.
  • Neither Pirlo or Angelino trained with the club on Thursday, but are both healthy and slated to feature against the Red Bulls.
  • Frank Lampard compares the atmosphere for the Hudson Derby to any he has experienced in England.
  • Kreis on urgency to win: “We have 12 matches left. We have an idea how many points we w ill need in these matches. All those matches gain significance with each game. It has more to do with three points than it does a crosstown rival.”


  • maso

    Kreis sounds like a whiner. That is what you get for signing two 37 year olds. Meanwhile, the new RB DP has only been on the team for a week and is ready to play.

    • send over the RFP

      Kreis is in a tough spot – I doubt he has very much control over DP signings. hopefully this doesn’t turn into a Real Madrid type situation

      • Anonymous

        Real Madrid wins

        • send over the RFP

          Not as much as they should, especially in the league

    • Anonymous

      Red Bulls earned the right to talk with their performance. Use it as bulletin board material then come out and earn some bragging of your own.

      Kreis whined as a player, too.

    • Rip

      He’s smart. It doesn’t matter whether he actually didn’t like the Red Bulls comments. In both games…the Red Bulls clearly cared about winning, and NYCFC did not. It’s about time to start injecting some pride into NYCFC for these matches. If City is going to match the Red Bulls intensity the have to start fearing to lose the game.

  • george naj

    tifo should be:


    with pic of lampard clutching his calf and pirlo in a wheelchair with grey hair at a retirement home

    • slowleftarm

      I like it!

    • BleedingRed

      NYCGC … New York City Geriatrics Club

  • Sammy the Red Bull

    If you didn’t know that was Frank Lampard, you would have thought they pulled a guy out of the stands and put a uniform on him. That’s how bad he was.

    • send over the RFP

      You’re right. He does have sort of an ‘Everyman’ unremarkable looking appeal, like a random guy from the stands. He’s not handsome like pirlo or beckham

      • Sammy the Red Bull

        Nobody is as handsome as Pirlo! His beard alone is good for at least 3 wins this year.

        • send over the RFP

          I wouldn’t go that far, if anything he does wins matches I think it will be his creative passing

  • Anonymous

    Your players do the talking on the field?
    That’s rich. Get ready for the hat trick,coach.

    • Anonymous

      Like I said . Hat trick. Enjoy the off season, loser plastic fans. Lol.


    I’m an NYCFC fan, haven’t missed a home game yet, but unfortunately have to agree that the whole Lampard fiasco is just that, a fiasco. A year late he finally makes his debut and comes out lame. No real good excuses for being out of shape. It’s not like he was getting overplayed or banged up overseas. C’mon. Pirlo got it done, but not Lampard. And there is still the nagging question of whether they need him now that they have Pirlo, whether they wouldn’t have been better shoring up their slow and leaky defense. PS NOTE TO KREIS: START POKU FOR GODS SAKE!

    • Jason Kreis

      I can’t

      I must start Ned Grabavoy no matter what.

    • Anonymous

      As a person who’s been watching every single NYCFC game, I honestly have no idea what this obsession with Poku is… He’s a good player for brief flashes coming off the bench when everyone else is tired, but that’s about it.

      To me, Poku has been a player who has had a tendency to fade into the background whenever he played for any significant length of time. I’ll take McNamara’s hustle and effort all game over Poku’s flash-in-the-pan crapshoot play any day of the week.

      I say keep using Poku from the bench until he gets better and more consistent.

      • Anonymous

        Also, despite all of the Grabavoy hate, the stats actually show him to be a solid player overall for the team. It’s not as flashy as Poku, but for the most part, Grabavoy has gotten the job done. Of course, you could argue that with Pirlo and Lampard on the field now, Grabavoy’s role to date is somewhat redundant and NYCFC actually just need a different type of player.

        • NYBOY

          Let’s start with the facts. Poku has a goal and six assists in 533 minutes played. Grabavoy has ZERO goals and TWO assists in more than DOUBLE that time. So the statistics are not what you say they are. Not to mention the energy he brings to the field and the competence on defense. So, the fans are not crazy. There is a reason they like him. Moreover, when he did start against Orlando in the game they won 5-3, he was a significant part of th win and had an obvious chemistry with Pirlo despite it being Porlo’s debut game.

        • NYBOY

          And BTW, “with Lampard on the field now.” REALLY???You may watch every game but not the ones every one else is watching. Lampard was lost and ineffective at best for the few minutes he played in their loss to Montreal. Let’s see what happens against RedBulls when he gets past his lame excuses about being out of shape after a years wait and buildup.

          • Anonymous

            Lampard played 20 minutes coming off a vacation followed immediately by an injury. The team made it pretty clear that they put him out before they truly felt that he was fit and ready. So cutting him some slack for his initial lackluster performance considering those circumstances might be in order.

            Grabavoy and Poku are also two totally different types of players. Looking solely at goals and assists is just misleading.

            There’s a reason Poku hasn’t been starting regularly. I may disagree with some of Kreis’s decisions, but I trust that he’s probably more aware of his team than a bunch of fans playing armchair general on the forums.

            • NYBOY

              I get all the excuses, but are they justified? Why is he not “fit and ready”? He’s had a year to prepare. He was playing for and working out with Man City.

              • Anonymous

                He just got injured a few weeks ago… It’s difficult to be “fit and ready” when you’re out injured for 2-3 weeks. It’s pretty clear that there was a lot of pressure on the PR side to get him on the field and they’re pretty much said that it was a compromise and they put him out before the training staff would have liked them to.

                As for whether it’s justified, I would agree that it’s not really a great excuse since he should have been at a level of fitness prior to the injury so that the injury shouldn’t have set him back so much. But it is what it is…

                • NYBOY

                  I agree with you, but think your last paragraph is the crux of it.

    • Rip

      I think it’s a little early to be on Lampard for his play the field. He’s used to doing a lot of what Pirlo does better and you could see him going way too far back to receive the ball rather than let Pirlo feed it up. 100% agree about Poku though. Kreis is responsible for the last loss for not starting Mix and Poku earlier. Match changed when they got in.

      • NYBOY

        I’m not on Lampard for his performance on the field. I’m on him AND NYCFC for lack of preparation added to the pre-existing fiasco re his signing and transfer from Man City. I understand that it’s a first year expansion team, so quite honestly it’s not about winning and losing. I get it. But geez, make an honest effort. Pirlo has. And Villa has.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Perhaps Lampard should go back to Manchester City
    To “get fit”. Lol

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