NY MINUTE: Scholes Testimonial Approaches For Cosmos, Week Of Hardware For Red Bulls, And More

The New York Cosmos are two days away from trotting out their first professional side in over two decades. The Paul Scholes Testimonial match is nearly here, and the media focus is finally beginning to intensify for the bout. The Cosmos name has littered newspaper’s across England, drawing either praise or skepticism as they set to trot out a mixed bag roster of veteran’s and rookies to face Manchester United; the same side that just ran rampant on several MLS sides, including the leagues all stars.

Speaking of intensity, Cosmos Director and match manager Eric Cantona‘s excitement is at the brim as well. When asked of his feelings towards Manchester United and the emotions of coming back to Old Trattford, Eric ‘The Great’ described his journey as only he knows how.

“If you are a heroin addict, and you’ve gone through the agonies of withdrawal, you don’t go back and start hanging out with your dealer. I found leaving Manchester United very, very hard,” he told the Mirror. “It was, as I say, like quitting a class A drug. Psychiatrists have demonstrated that the body of a retired professional footballer can replicate the kind of symptoms that you get with abrupt opiate withdrawal. And that’s why I’ve avoided going back.”

Clearly, emotions run high for this encounter. You can check out the match live, this Friday, August the 5th on Fox Soccer:


Championship week; that just may be the phrase used when Red Bull fans and historians look back at this weeks achievements. Not only did the New York side bring home the Emirates Cup, but their u-15 academy followed suit, taking home the Generation Adidas Cup!

Red Bull started their quest tying the Sounders youth side 0-0, but managed to regroup and take two impressive victories to achieve a spot at the tournament finals thanks to a 2-0 result over Houston, and a 4-1 thrashing of West Coast rival, L.A. Galaxy.

Facing Chivas USA, the Red Bulls u-15 boys relenquished a goal early, only to answer back thanks to two goals by Malcolm Dixon. Chivas would come back to tie it, but the Red Bulls closed out the game thanks to a headed set piece winner knocked in by Theo Miller.


After nomadically traversing the soccer landscape, Sinisa Ubiparipovic has finally found a home. The former New York Red Bull will be joining his old friend and teammate Greg Sutton in the great white north, joining the 19th MLS Franchise, Montreal Impact. Do you think the Tin Man put in a good word?



Former Red Bulls keeper Danny Cepero has resurfaced as well. This time, the retired footballer is taking his skills to the touchline, as he joins the coaching staff of Florida Golf Coast University as an assistant.


Here is an interesting tidbit off of the MLS “Climbing The Ladder” series: Hans Backe is in the running for using the fewest number of substitutions in league history. Yes, LEAGUE history.

Have yourself a read right here.


After what seemed like a magical, if not short, run through the US Open Cup, FC New York seems to have stalled dead in their tracks. After a thorough thrashing over the Antigua Barracudas started the month of July on the right foot, the side went winless over seven in accumulating a putrid 1-6-1 record. The team was outscored 19 to 8 in that time span, and fell from third to a near dead last finish.

Three games remain in the season. The last time you will be able to catch FCNY before the next season will be August 7th as they take on the Rochester Rhinos at Belson Stadium.

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    Watch Manchester United vs. New York Cosmos Online Live Streaming From Any Location Around The World.

  • ESC Elite

    We are proud that the Cosmos are in the final stages of completing the goal of once again taking their rightful place in the ranks of professional football in the United States. True football supporters in the New York metropolitan area have suffered for to long in a feeble attempt to support the unworthy replacement to the Cosmos legacy, the Metrostars/Redbulls. The membership of the lowly GSS and Viking Army are free to continue their support of the Austrian Soda Company, you can have them and you will not be missed. The original sin is about to be obsolved by MLS as they prepare to welcome back the icon’s of pro soccer in America, New York Cosmos. Alot of members of the oldest supporters group in the New York area, the ESC, are in solidarity with the Borough Boys in their support of the true New york football club, the Cosmos. Fairwell and adeu to the perenial losers that are the MetroDrinks and their pansy supporters in the GSS. you can go to hell at MMM Bellows and El Pastor. Twice in a Lifetime, and you are going to get met up in Harrison GSS!

  • Laddie

    I wonder if any FC New York supporters will be travelling to Old Trafford to put FCNY stickers in their toilets. FCNY=Epic Fail!

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