NYCFC Buys Out Diskerud



Mix Diskerud is not longer a member of New York City FC, the club said Thursday.
Diskerud’s buyout had been expected this off-season after NYCFC informed him that he was not part of their plans. Diskerud had been training with the team in Arizona and had visited clubs in Norway during the off-season. Diskerud remains under contract to MLS but cannot join another team due to a ‘no-trade’ commitment agreed upon between him and the club.

Diskerud carries a maximum budget charge and his salary of $750,000 would require a team to use allocation money to pay down the charge. Under MLS roster rules, NYCFC will have to pay to buyout Diskerud’s contract but without incurring the budget charge. In other words, they will write the check but won’t pay for it in cap space. As Diskerud mentioned on Instagram, the allocation funds were used elsewhere.

Somebody told me I'm not part of a plan and if he was I – he'd run like the others ran 'cause the budget is tight and binding contracts might be broken, to improve 5-6 positions – in exchange for only one man. – He went on to say; "the message is clear – unless you're clueless – 'cause you've lived it all'year since the budget is tight and binding contracts might not need to be broken if…. you crack, kneel or leave the hemisphere" – Who could tell so straight and clearly tales of destiny I fight sincerely when mental games are attempting aims to make me rage severely? – On and on the conversation went about money spent and special rules and mgt's tools and something about allocation being different cent – I wish I had right there – my pad 'cause then my favorite line fused by Robin Williams spine would play dead poets – real bad

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