NYCFC Director Claudio Reyna talks DP’s, competition, team plans in Facebook Q&A

New York City F.C. put their right foot forward when MLS Commissioner Don Garber revealed the joint Manchester City/New York Yankees venture as the league’s 20th franchise. The media attention surrounding this unique partnership certainly stirred excitement.

Since their initial introduction, however, the club has gone underground, hard at work for their 2015 debut.

Amidst weeks worth of New York Cosmos and Red Bull headlines, NYCFC has peeked their head out of hiding with a revealing Q&A on Facebook featuring club Director of Football, Claudio Reyna.

The former American International gave a more detailed picture of what the club expects to achieve, and perhaps more importantly, the culture they hope to create.

“NYCFC will create its own identity that represents NYC on and off the field,” he explained in response to the club’s tie-in with Manchester City. “A true soccer club for New York City.”

While separating itself from donning the same identity, however, he did look forward to exploiting the club’s vast soccer resources. “One of the benefits of our relationship with Manchester City FC is an extensive global scouting network that will help us recruit players around the world that can help us play beautiful football and be successful on the pitch,” he said.

“We’ll be keeping our eyes on talented, young players all over the world. Our long-term goal is to develop our own local talent.”

On what his criteria would be on the player front, Reyna listed three defining qualities. “1) Finding players with strong leadership skills,” he began. “2) Players who have what it takes to compete in a competitive environment like New York City. 3) Players who possess very good technical qualities.

“Our goal is to put a team on the field that plays exciting and entertaining soccer. We want to win and win with style.”

‘Winning with style’ also takes investment. Reyna says the club is ready to make that kind of play for talent – exhausting all possible opportunities offered by MLS to do so.

“Rest assured – we WILL use our three Designated Player slots,” he declared.

Before they make that splash, Reyna indicated their base talent would come from within the American college ranks. “Since we begin playing in 2015, the recruitment process will be a long one,” he explains. “Our first group of players will come via the 2014 MLS Expansion Draft.”

And while the team takes root, they are well aware of the local professional sides doing the same. The New York Red Bulls have recently opened a state-of-the-art training facility and have begun local outreach into the New York City market. Likewise, the New York Cosmos have started a marketing blast for their NASL debut on August 3rd.

Like Cosmos owner Seamus O’Brien expressed weeks ago, Reyna also believes the market is large enough for everyone.

“It’s good to have competition and we welcome it,” he said. “New York is a big market, certainly large enough for more than one MLS club.”

    • That question hasn’t been answered yet, but the latest buzz indicates no stadium until 2017, working out where it can be played, so far the rumors are Queens, Randalls Island, and the Bronx.

  • Any f#cking idea when I get my season tickets notification? I am F#cking DONE with those asswipes over in Jersey!

  • Panthers1

    I actually wish this NYCFC would just disappear. I don’t want them here.

    Firstly, this is Cosmos country. Secondly, in this country we have team nicknames. Thirdly, NYC’s colors are orange and blue.

    NYCFC is so smug that they don’t even have a contact page.

    Great stuff, guys.