NYCFC fall to Necaxa 2-1



New York City FC fell 2-1 to Necaxa at the Estadio Victoria on Friday night.

Jesus Isajara scored the opening goal in the 24th minute. Rodrigo Prieto doubled the lead in the 79th minute, but USL callup Kyle Parker brought life to NYCFC in the 83 minute, cutting Necaxa’s lead in half. Unfortunately for the visitors, that is how the match would end.

NYCFC trotted out several of their reserve players for this encounter. Eirik Johansen lined up behind Diego Martinez, Ethan White, Jefferson Mena and Mikey Lopez on the backline. Mix Diskerud returned from his exile and nearly put NYCFC ahead early but was denied by the cross bar. Federico Bravo lined up behind Diskerud in midfield, with Andrea Pirlo and Mehdi Ballouchy rounding out the gut. David Villa and Khiry Shelton undertook starting striker duties.

NYCFC managed a pair of threatening opportunities but could not close out the match. They were, however, greeted as an attraction as Necaxa fans seranaded David Villa and Andrea Pirlo, particularly when thy were subbed out of the match.

With the warmup match behind them, NYCFC now look forward to the stretch run to the playoffs. NYCFC takes on D.C. United at RFK on Sunday the 16.