NYCFC held by ten-man Revolution


by Christian Araos

An early lead and a man advantage were not enough for New York City FC who were held to a 1–1 draw by the New England Revolution Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

Thomas McNamara gave NYCFC the lead in the tenth minute with a headed rebound after David Villa hit the crossbar. The Revolution tied it in the 38th minute when Chris Tierney‘s free kick deflected off of Steven Mendoza passed a wrongfooted Josh Saunders. Gershon Koffie was sent off in the 51st minute but the Revolution kept New York City from finding the winning goal.

“We came here with the mindset that we wanted to create chances,” Revolution head coach Jay Heaps said, “but I’m a little disappointed with our final ball. The first half was a different game than the second half so I wanted to get out of here having converted more of our chances but I like the way we fought at the end.”

Koffie saw red six minutes into the second half with a studs up challenge on McNamara. Koffie slid into McNamara’s foot with his studs showing but the NYCFC midfielder appeared to make the most of the contact.

Though Heaps said he was pleased with New England’s play down a man, he felt referee Ricardo Salazar‘s decision to dismiss Koffie was unjustified.

“I disagree wholeheartedly with the fact that it was a red card, adamantly, adamantly disagree that that was a red card from Ricardo Salazar,” Heaps said, “but in the end we have to keep 11 guys on the field and quite frankly, need the referees to keep the red cards in their pocket. There was no need for that. The game was perfectly fine 11v11.”

NYCFC had 64 percent of the possession but only mustered four shots on target. The Revolution recorded five and had the best chance of the second half when Charlie Davies rounded Saunders but saw his shot cleared off the line by Federico Bravo. New England found success throughout the second half with long balls over the top as they sought to take advantage of New York City committing numbers forward.

“When you analyze the game properly,” NYCFC head coach Patrick Vieira said, “we are happy with the point we that we took tonight because New England deserved more from the game. They created better chances than we did and that’s something we need to work on because two points from three home matches is not good enough for a football club like New York City.”

Although New York City had a man advantage for most of the second half, they never turned the advantage into persistent pressure. Their only shots on target came in the game’s dying seconds. Vieira said the team played worse than it did last week in Orlando. He added that the team did not stick with his philosophies and lost belief in theirselves.

“We played with a lack of personality,” Vieira said. “We didn’t make proper decisions. We didn’t play…we didn’t play at all. I think it is difficult to expect something from the game.”

Vieira kept the W-M but made three changes to his lineup. Mendoza, Kwadwo Poku and Jefferson Mena replaced Khiry Shelton, Mix Diskerud and Ronald Matarrita who are on international duty. However, NYCFC struggled defending an expansive Revolution attack that created numerous opportunities on the right side. That forced Vieira to substitute Mena after 30 minutes and switch to a back four with Bravo at centerback and Diego Martinez introduced at left back.

“I went with four at the back because we were having problems with the width and I had to make a decision,” Vieira said. “The problem we had was that Taylor and Mendoza were not doing their defensive duty and I needed to make a decision.”

Vieira’s tactics have given NYCFC the statistical advantage in each of its games. However they have failed to win a match since beating the Chicago Fire in the March 6 season opener. They face the Fire in their next match April 10. It will be another chance to turn favorable stats into points earned.

“We’re very happy with Vieira,” Villa said. “At this moment though, we’re not playing the way he wants us to play and we’re not winning the way we’re supposed to.”

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  • Smith

    I had to go to the game with a client. Two thoughts:

    1) NYCFC had a man advantage and could only muster four shots.

    2) pirlo appeared close to a heart attack during the 2nd half.

    • Fred

      I was at the game too. My observstions:

      1) the 23,000 attendance was very overstated
      2) yes, Pirlo did appear to be violently gasping for air near the end of his afternoon

  • Mag

    Stadium was dead and 60% “sold out”
    Garber’s dream team a big dud.
    Not sure I can watch this any longer.

    • Fred

      I agree. 15k in the house tops. And it was dead quiet. So quiet you could hear Pirlo gasping for air.

      • trolldetector

        You trolls apparently never leave your basement, the stadium had a good crowd that was cheering and chanting the whole game. Get a life douchebags.

        • Sunil

          You are right. The crowd in guatemala was amazing.
          I was at Yankee stadium. Don’t lie about the amazing crowd lastnight. It was lifeless,again. Those smart phone tickets can only be blamed for the late crowd, not a dead one.

        • Fred

          Not only was the crowd overstated, but there is an unbelievable lack of knowledge in the fan base. There’s literally no one in the section I was sitting in thar cares passionately about this team. It was all pink hat Yankee fans from Westchester.

          • Anthony

            That is what happens when the majority of your ticket sales come through the NY Yankees ticket database.

        • slowleftarm

          but the team on the field is lacking please know your facts !

          • slowleftarm

            Why would someone pose as me to post something like this? Makes no sense.

            • slowleftarm

              just a bad team not much upside.

            • slowleftarm

              I would never say something like that – its sad.

              • How do we know that you are you and not the other you???????????????

                • slowleftarm

                  Only the second comment is actually me but you know that Angry Bill because you posted the other comments.

                  • Shawn Edelman

                    who is angry Bill ? you sound a little strange.

  • Troll detectors mommy

    Dont be so sad. You can use your real name on this site.
    Your Mommy.

  • Jerry

    Bottom line. The product on the field is lousy.

  • Anthony

    Ths team is just awful. They get 4 games out of the first five at home and they cant even build up any points. They have to play some weird variation of little pitch “small ball” because the field is sooo narrow. Once they leave home they are completely unable to play on larger pitches. This team is going to suck so hard this year. (again)

    • slowleftarm

      Really such a pathetic side. I cant stand to watch it. I would rather watch the Hempstead Cosmos.

      • OoenCupFan

        Rather? I’m sure you watch the Cosmos as much as any Cosmos fan.
        Support your local independent soccer clubs!

        • MTF

          greentideworld…is that referring to an algae bloom?

          • Jerry no chin

            PAINT NYC GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • slowleftarm

        Come on William – it’s one thing to post your nonsense under a bunch of different names but another to be a poser pretending to be me.

        • William

          lol and who are you some sort of authority on exactly what ? how to be a pathetic piece of crap ? yes you are very good at that little man. Little PEEWEE