NYCFC partners with Mayor De Blasio to build 50 NYC soccer fields



THE BRONX – Mayor Bill De Blasio, New York City FC, Adidas and the U.S. Soccer Foundation announced the launch of a partnership to build and maintain 50 soccer fields in underserved neighborhoods across the five boroughs Tuesday in The Bronx.

Each of the partners will contribute $750,000 to install acrylic fields in City-owned spaces. De Blasio said the fields will be built and installed in a year. The remaining fields will be built over the next five years. Ten more are expected to be built during 2017. Empire of Soccer understands the remaining sites have yet to be identified and discussions are still ongoing.

The initiative was launched inside the Millbrook Playground in the South Bronx. The playground is one of eight sites that are already confirmed throughout the City. There are two sites confirmed inside Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan with an additional site at the Eagle Academy on Staten Island. The locations can be found below.


Reyna said discussions between all parties began about nine months ago. The private-public partnership is an expansion of NYCFC’s City in the Community and a partnership with the City Young Men’s Initiative which aims to provide mentorship opportunities for young men of color. The program will offer after-school soccer clinics, festivals and youth summits.

“We are literally leveling the playing field,” De Blasio said. “We are literally giving our young people an opportunity to have some of the great opportunities, great amenities that young people who are more privileged have as well. With the help of our partners providing a wonderful space for young people to play soccer in and prepare to be stars of the generation.”

The New York City Soccer Initiative will work in tandem with the US Soccer Foundation’s Soccer for Success program that specifically aims to turn underused spaces in the inner city into soccer fields. Each of the neighborhoods identified have already been seen as targets for De Blasio’s efforts to build healthier communities. The City said these programs have improved children’s confidence, helped them make better food choices and enjoy going to school.

“When we can make space for children to play in, we’re saying that we’re invested in their long-term health and well-being,” City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said in a statement. “The City Soccer Initiative will open the doors to a whole new world for kids who may otherwise not have access to these programs.”

The fields will be built to be used year-round. It is expected to reach 10,000 children. The program is also a part of Soccer for Success’ goal of building 1000 fields to serve a million children within the next decade. NYCFC president Job Patricof said the initiative is part of the club’s efforts to be an enduring part of the community.

“Since our beginning, the club has been committed to increasing number of safe and accessible places to play in New York,” Patricof said. “This partnership will provide the perfect platform to expand this important work.”

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    Just like the mayor said, NYCFC is NYC hometown team. A REAL NYC team that gives back to the community. unlike those frauds out in nassau county!

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