NYCFC raise stadium speculation with fan survey; Populous move adds intrigue



As sources tell EoS, New York City FC remains in a desert, searching for an oasis to build their soccer specific home within the City limits.

However, there is plenty gearing up around the club that may leave fans hoping for an answer.

NYCFC asked fans on Tuesday to complete a survey that it said will help them find a stadium location and to know what to include to serve its fans. The club used the data collecting company, Custom Intercept Solutions, for the survey.

In its survey, NYCFC said it remains committed to working with the Mayor’s Office to find a stadium location that is within the five boroughs. The survey, which is only accessible to the team’s founding members, asks fans to consider ‘seating concepts, locations and related pricing questions’ that are all strictly hypothetical. The club asked fans to pick amenities such as tifo-pullies, supporters’ sections, credit-card only concession, in-stadium WiFi and accessibility to both freeways and public transportation. Fans were also asked if they were interested in a safe-standing area in the supporters section.

A significant portion of the survey, including the safe-standing question, was reserved for the club’s potential business clients or season-ticket holders who indicated a desire to purchase tickets for their company. All respondents were asked to gauge their interest in additional events that would be held at the stadium such as US Men’s and Women’s National Team matches, international team friendlies and concerts. They were also all asked if they were interested in participating in potential focus group discussions.

To further feed the hype, design firm Populous announced today that it will open an office in New York City.

Populous has designed three current stadiums in MLS and is designing new stadiums for Orlando City SC, Minnesota United and D.C. United. It has also previously worked with the New York Yankees and Manchester City.

Senior architect and firm principle Jonathan Mallie will lead the firm’s New York office. Mallie previously worked for SHoP in designing the Barclays Center. Populous senior principle Earl Santee said Mallie will help deepen the firm’s previous relationships with clients and help them meet their needs.

“New York brings great promise to the future of Populous,” Santee said in company statement. “We are committed to bringing together the best designers who share our passion for creating the places where people love to be together.”

  • Larry\’s A Simpleton

    i can only hope we build our new stadium in a soccer hot bed like hempstead long island. i want to experience first hand what all the fanboys of the f.cosmos think is so great about playing in an embarrassing empty stadium and watching a team that is totally ignored by the sports media and sports fans of new york.

    anybody want to bet nycfc gets more people at yankee stadium for the toronto opener than the f.cosmos get for the entire spring season?

    • Kevin

      Larry go gay off in the corner with Dan Jerkman u loser !!!

    • Max

      How do you find time to post so often?
      Oh right, you still live with mommy and your pet sheep.
      Baaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Gotham city sc

    Hopefully I get to see 3 teams in New York before I die. There is only 2 cities in MLS that can handle 3 teams in one city, LA and NY.
    If cosmos get their stadium and red bull doesn’t rebrand or is sold after cosmos get their stadium,things would get really interesting.

    • Philip

      I would love to see the Cosmos wind up in MLS. The New York metro area could definitely support three teams.

      • Gotham city sc

        Thanks for the positive feedback.
        The magic number for MLS is 32
        West: if NFL leaves San Diego, then San Diego is in. Sacramento has one foot in, Vegas is first come first serve. Phoenix needs money and stadium. San Antonio is going up versus Austin.
        East: st.louis, Indy and Charlotte have one foot in. I’m guessing a 3rd team will come to Florida.

        • Philip

          I think San Antonio has the inside track over Austin, I’m not sure about Vegas and Phoenix because of the heat. if another team goes to Florida it is going to Miami.

  • Kevin

    I would like to thank the angrier Kevin for his posts. And a special shout out to Larry for his non stop marketing of the Cosmos. Even when the article is about his team possibly having some good news he still has to post about our beloved Cosmos. I love it. Slowleftarm and Larry on the same day not talking about their own teams. The band is back together!