NYCFC: Three points lost greater than seven goals allowed



New York City FC were caught in the moment during their 7–0 loss to the New York Red Bulls, now they want to get out of it as soon as possible.

It was a disastrous day for us,” David Villa said. “All bad. The best thing for today is that we only lost three points.

“Today was our worst day, it’s better to not analyze.”

Villa continued, saying this was not the team that won in Portland and drew against Toronto earlier this week. He did not nor appear to want to infer as to why that happened either. Villa has been a part of all four Hudson River Derbies, Thomas McNamara a part of three. But neither veteran of the New York clashes can pinpoint where they all went wrong.

“I don’t think they did anything different than before,” McNamara said. “They won more second balls than we did and they were able to win the territory battle and a lot resulted from it.”

NYCFC were unable to play their way out of the back for the entire match. It continues a trend from last year’s meetings where the Red Bulls’ press destroyed City’s plans. Stuck in the buildup, NYCFC found themselves defending on the backfoot against the Red Bulls in transition.

R.J. Allen said the Red Bulls’ front six caused problems with how well they organized. He also said this loss won’t turn the tide of NYCFC’s season.

“It’s too early to tell, it’s one match at the end of the day,” Allen said. “One game isn’t going to dictate our season. Unfortunately, it was against New York but we learn from it.”

The Red Bulls physically dominated NYCFC in the midfield and on set pieces. Federico Bravo said the Red Bulls pressed well but his side should have been able to cope with it. They lost their marks defending corners, Bravo admits, and those are mistakes that cannot happen against a rival.

“There’s no excuses,” Bravo said. “Our rival was better than us. We’ll think about the game during the week but we’re responsible for the result.

“We have to turn the page in training and surely look for revenge against this team.”

  • Laughing at Nick Chavez
  • smurf040

    What an ass whooping the Redbulls put on those clowns!! lol! couldn’t happen to a more arrogant franchise and fanbase!!! Talk **** now!! please,please,please!! from now on any “mankees” fan who dare open their mouth to speak about soccer, just show them 7-0!! lol! can’t stop laughing!!! they are the worst team in M.L.S.,, the U.S. for that matter!!! Just to show you that team has no clue! why the **** did fat man Lampard come in to play for? What was that all about?? and he’s upset ’cause they booed him??? **** him!

    • Nick Chavez

      You have missed the point. The issue isn’t whether we win or lose the question is whether or not we are the only REAL New York CITY team for all those real New Yorkers who commute in from Westchester and CT and all those midwestern transplants who moved here to live in Bushwick & pursue Arts careers. NOTHING is more NEW YORK than that!

      In addition to being the only truly LOCAL team we are GLOBAL as we are part of the exclusive City Football Group.

      The real issue here is that you don’t understand WORLD Football; unlike me. I have been a MADRIDISTA for 14 years!