NYCFC open upper deck for Red Bull match at Yankee Stadium


NEW YORK, N.Y. – With all the hype surrounding this week’s first Hudson River Derby, is there any surprise fans are already anticipating round two?

Due to the overwhelming interest in the second New York City FC vs. New York Red Bulls encounter, Yankee Stadium seating has been expanded to the 300 level, opening the upper deck for the second time in team history.

“The atmosphere at our home games has been fantastic all season. When we were looking at this game on June 28th being on the verge of selling out this far in advance, we made the decision to open up more seats to accommodate the demand,” Team President Tom Glick said.

“We are pleased with the momentum we have had in tickets sales and that so many New Yorkers continue to get behind our Club in our inaugural season.”

NYCFC opened the upper deck for their inaugural match against the New England Revolution, drawing 43,507 fans to the Bronx for the event. Despite their disappointing start to the MLS campaign, the team has also managed to draw a steady average of 27-28,000 fans per match.

The New York Red Bull rivalry was always central in the creation of the franchise, with MLS pinning hopes on both clubs to revive the New York City market for the domestic league.

Both teams meet this weekend as the Red Bulls host NYCFC at Red Bull Arena.

  • Ulrich

    Never been a fan of MLS’ non-equal scheduling with unbalanced Home fixtures. While having 2 games at RBA versus only 1 at Yankee stadium may make sense from a TV/marketing perspective (sold-out beautiful soccer-specific stadium), it would have been even more impressive to show that a non-soccer specific stadium can be sold-out to the tune of nearly twice the attendance (43K versus 25K). That type of attendance number is the ammunition needed when negotiating a permanent home stadium site with the NYC government.

    • paul

      i agree with you. And i wondered what thinking on behalf of the league went into it. Playing at a soccer-specific stadium was part of it, i’m sure, but probably also being mindful of the Yankees home schedule. Maybe they are also trying to help Red Bull’s attendance this year (knowing both games will be sold out) in an attempt to show that the addition of a second team to the NY area is a boost for all soccer teams (i agree with that). Hopefully though next year’s matches will be 2 at Yankee Stadium, 1 at RBA. Nothing will cry “big derby” better than a loud, sold-out Yankee Stadium.

      • Gruff and Manly Bob

        I think Paul is on point w/ the scheduling around Yankee home games. Also next year as long as there are no MLB issues, expect that RB will be away 2x in the derby.

        One thing that stinks is that makes the away travel unbalanced. That means we’ll have to travel to DC, Philly and NYC 2x each next year. I don’t mean from a playign stand point either, from an away support travel perspective.

        This year our away travel is pretty light. Next year will be pretty heavy.

  • James

    There’s something pretty lame about Hudson River Derby being used for these two teams when green fans created it back before MLS screwed them.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      Too funny. Once again f.cosmos fanboys bring the lolz. MLS saw the f.cosmos as the frauds they are and wanted no part of them.

      • Resguard

        Please see a therapist for your own good, you need help. This is not a joke, your obsession with being so negative and hateful must be drawn from somewhere. You need help please get it.

        • Larry’s A Simpleton

          lady i couldnt care less about you or your minor league team. i just respond to the mouth foamers like leo, james and all the other delusional fanboys of the f.cosmos who somehow think that mess has some sort of relevancy on the soccer scene in nyc.

          • Guy Blades

            Despite you and Slow Left Arm having different team affiliations, you are united in your disdain for the Cosmos.

            Am I the only one who sees a Love Connection here? Hmmmmmmm.

  • Andrew Bissonette

    And people said two MLS teams in NY wouldn’t work. RBNY’s attendance(ticket sales) have barely gone down and NYCFC is going to finish top 3 in attendance. Not to mention, RBA is likely going to be sold out for both home derby matches while Yankee Stadium will have a huge crowd as well.

  • smurfo040

    Lol! “Larry love” if the Cosmos are frauds, What are the RedBulls? after they got slapped like a stepchild 3-0 ( it could’ve been 5-0) At the Open Cup!! jajaja!!! I don’t even want to think what Cosmos would do to the real “frauds”from the Bronx!. I’ll tell you what though, I love Soccer, So I’ll be watching and and praying for a great match. I’am so sick and tired of hearing about boring baseball from all those so called “sports networks”. Maybe this is what we need to get to get some mainstream soccer attention going.

    • Andrew Bissonette

      It was one game. Relax. If that Cosmos team played in MLS they would struggle to get 20 points in a season. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.

      • Realist

        Of course, based on what we’ve seen thus far, NYCFC would have trouble securing points no matter where they play. They are a very bad and unimaginative team.

  • smurfo040

    It’s funny when you say “one game”, That game means a lot. Don’t tell me that “one game” doesn’t hurt any of the Red Bulls fans. Point is, your “Division 1” team got their asses handed to them by a “inferior” team. And don’t tell me you guys out there won’t be gloating if your guys beat NYC fc. And like I said, I love this arguments and discussions. 30 years ago if anyone of you would’ve told me we’d be going on about which out of our THREE N.Y. soccer team is better, I would’ve told you you were crazy>

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Is that you guys can hang your hat on? One game where you beat the Red bull B squad in a tournament nobody cares about? I guess when you follow a minor league team you have minor league aspirations.


    • Ronnie
      • slowleftarm

        Come on Larry. If your team played in a college stadium in Hempstead and averaged under 4k a game, you’d be glad to hang your hat on a win over RBNY II in the mickey mouse cup.

        • Guy Blades

          You and Larry are both obsessed with the Cosmos. You should get together. I see a real Love Connection here. This is NY. It’s okay to be LBGTQGF here. We won’t let the Sheik know. It’s okay.

  • The Chrysler Building

    This is great news for both clubs. Glad to see it.

  • Anonymous

    RB II? besides henry you guys put out your starting 11 vs New England the week prior