NYCFC’s Lampard “would have stayed at Chelsea” if offer was there


New York City F.C. made a big splash when signing English legend Frank Lampard to their side this summer. However, that moment would never have happened had Chelsea offered him a future.

Currently on loan with parent club Manchester City, Lampard finds himself on the rival side of the fence for the Premiership title. It is an odd journey that took him away from his home of 13 years, but one that wouldn’t have occurred if the Blues came calling this summer.

“I would have obviously stayed if Chelsea had offered me another year,” Lampard told The Sun. “There was no reason for me to leave. Yes, I wanted to play a bit more regularly but I’m not stupid.

“If Chelsea had given me a new contract, it would have been mad not to take it at the time.”

Contrary to popular belief, age did not play a part in Lampard’s choice to come to MLS either. “It wasn’t that I didn’t think I could still do it,” he said. “If I felt like that, I wouldn’t have gone to City on loan.”

Instead, Lampard had a conversation with head coach Jose Mourinho. That is where his future with the club — or lack there of — became clear. “Jose was brilliant about it,” he said. “I didn’t walk out with any bad feelings towards him or the club. I knew things were coming to a head but I’m realistic and, in football, I move on quite quickly. I also felt like I didn’t want to be a player who faded away – with that being the last memory people had of me. So maybe it was the right time.

“Maybe it was right that the club took it out of my hands.”

With Chelsea behind him, Lampard has his eyes on a role with City … both in Manchester and New York.

“What I really want now is to make a really positive impact in my time at Manchester City and then again in the next stage of my career.”

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