Timely win over DC spurs NYCFC’s latest playoff push


Staff Writer

BRONX, N.Y. – New York City FC’s win Thursday night could not have come at a better time.

After defensive lapses and missed chances led to losses in each of its last two matches, NYCFC began a six-game, season-defining stretch with a vital win at Yankee Stadium. 

“To see the guys go through some adversity and be down a goal, again, and come back to win the game could be really instrumental into building something special,” NYCFC boss Jason Kreis said after the match.

It took a second half surge for NYCFC to grab the three points. That began with Thomas McNamara’s goal five minutes into the second half. The team constantly threatened the DC United goal but it ultimately took NYCFC’s superstars combining for the team to find the winner ten minutes from time. Andrea Pirlo made an interception in midfield and played a long ball for David Villa who split his defenders and fired a shot passed Bill Hamid.

“We were convinced that we were able to do a lot better,” Pirlo said. “Not just in terms of our ranking in the standing but to further the morale in the team. We’ve been working really hard and thank God that the fruits were there for us to eat tonight.”

The win pulls NYCFC to within one point of the Montreal Impact and Orlando City SC for the sixth and final playoff spot. Passing the Impact and Orlando City is going to require some work. Each of NYCFC’s next five matches are against teams in playoff positions. However, Kreis is hopeful that last night’s win jump-starts a playoff run.

“I think attacking wise we’ve been quite good for many games now,” Kreis said. “We’ve let ourselves down defensively a bit, and I think that comes from having new players that have not played a lot together. I think three out of the back four are new players that are brand new to the team. We have Andrea Pirlo who is brand new to the team. We have Frank Lampard now who is brand new to the team. So obviously there are going to be some tactical changes. I am hopeful that we are sticking our flag in the ground right now and will move forward positively.”

With two matches against the Columbus Crew coming up, NYCFC have a chance to pull themselves closer to another of the eight teams contending for a playoff spot in the East. They will have to do so without Shay Facey, who will be out of contention due to yellow card accumulation.

From there, NYCFC do not have many chances to pull ahead of their conference rivals as the only Eastern Conference playoff teams they play again are the Crew, DC United and the New England Revolution.

  • Rip

    Missing Facey with Kei Kamara coming up is really bad and could get ugly. They better score some goals against Columbus because I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t give up 2-3.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    They can barely put together 20 minutes of cohesive soccer. They’ll choke in the stretch.

  • Ivan

    As an NYCFC fan for years I think this win was the best I have ever seen. I was busy working on my rabbit resecue shelter in Brooklyn but that was before I played 6 hours of video games. Ok I’ll tell the truth I was peeping through my window blinds from my Bedford Ave Apartment looking at women walking by. I like girls but you know they are weird and stuff.

    • Snooki

      God, you guys are soooooooo plastic. I love to hate you guys even more than I love the Red Bulls. Like real soccer teams spend a lot of money to get stars to play…..as if. You’d never see that **** play in Europe. We’re the Real Madrid of Jersey. Real didn’t win anything for 20 years to right? I don’t know because I’ve only been to the two matches that we played NYCFC….but those were electric…..so……not plastic!

      • Anonymous

        I’m still working on hanging my boy city banner right side up. It’s complicated but I think by January I’ll have it mastered.
        Maybe by then we’ll sign another late 30 something has been. I’m definitely renewing my 3rd base line season tix.
        I’m hardcore. I’m hip. What have I been doing the last 20 years? Waiting for nirvana,that’s what. Pure soccer heaven.
        NYCFC. I’m an expert now. I’ve got all the answers. God I love fat frank. And chain smoking Pirlo too. I gotta hit the bathroom now I’m excited.

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you bring your ironic hankerchief. It looks,well,tough as hell. It’s all about the image and baby does boy city
      have that.

  • Johnny Feelgood

    Just picked up an awesome handbag. It’s got a shoulder strap and side pockets. Room for flares, smoke bombs, a PBR or two and of course my trusty red framed ironic glasses. God I love Brooklyn. There’s a soccer revolution happening right now and I’m on board!!!

    • Guido

      See this is why we call youse guys hipsters and say you root for a plastic team. Youse guys are all about how hip and cool it is to support a new team and fill stadiums with 28,000 fans a match.

      We Jersey Red Bulls fans know that real soccer is about not caring about your team unless your cross town rival shows up. That’s some real soccer there! Real soccer is one of the best teams in the league playing for #12 in attendance. Go Jersey!