A Look Into NYCFC’s 2014 Payroll (or “David Villa is making $60k”)


Sixty thousand dollars hardly seems to rank as Designated Player money. However, a salary release from Major League Soccer’s Players Union reveals that number to reflect Spanish legend and New York City FC forward David Villa’s salary for the 2014 season.

NYCFC signed Villa in early June, prior to his participation at the World Cup with Spain. He is one of five club players whose salary was made public Monday afternoon, with only the unexplained exclusion of fellow DP Frank Lampard from the list.

Villa’s miniscule $60k salary for 2014 has certainly been received with scrutiny and plenty of speculation.  Teammates and fellow loanees Jeb Brovsky ($119k), Josh Saunders ($48.5k), Kwame Watson-Siriboe ($56.7k) and Andrew Jacobson ($180k) each seem to account for their full value under the salary release while their most valuable player ranks mid-talent amongst this lot.

The most logical explanation for this is the nature of Villa’s loan.  This could very well be another sign of what the City Football Group can do.  CFG has expanded their investment to four teams globally.  The Spanish striker is en route to Australia, ready to meet his new teammates with A-League side — and CFG sister club — Melbourne City.

Through this interwoven relationship, it is safe to assume that NYCFC and CFG are exploiting the A-League’s “guest player” rule for 2014, setting up Villa in Australia and putting the burden of investment on Melbourne.  Either that, or Villa decided to gift the City Group half of year of his services, which of course remains highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting look into the early operations of NYCFC.  While they have already splashed on a pair of Designated Players, their MLS signings show nothing to promote the narrative of a cash-flooded side ready to lavishly throw money at league players.

For comparison’s sake, Jeb Brovsky maintained his salary with the Impact just as Watson-Siriboe did from RSL.   Josh Saunders earned $105k in 2013, but joins NYCFC at less than half that value a year later.  Meanwhile, Andrew Jacobson apparently took a pay cut for the move, going from $212k in Dallas to $180k in New York.

Yes, the money is being spent on the star players, but it is clear NYCFC are also working to put themselves in solid cap position — no matter what next year’s CBA brings.

  • Anonymous

    Complete joke of a league, paying players before they ever play a lick in MLS. Man City already circumventing MLS cap rules. What a B.S. league.

    • NYsoccerfan

      Right, and Man City don’t do the same sort of thing to get around Financial Fair Play rules in Europe? Do you suggest they remove the salary cap here? What is your basis here for your opinion? Are you a complete nob?

      • really

        *knob you eurosnob-wannabe

        • Rufus T firefly

          Anonymous only follows authentic leagues. you know, like the ones that allow teams to play 1/2 a season and has others trading players for hotel rooms.

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            I really need to stop being such a troll. I am a really just a little man with no clue. I need a life.

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              ooooh. Sounds like somebody got their panties in a bunch! fake cosmos fans never fail to bring the lulz!

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                • Rufus T firefly

                  When you think about it that 60,000 Villa is getting is worth more than the entire f.cosmos franchise. Can’t wait for the reaction from the fanboys when that shitstorm folds!

  • Anonymous

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