#NYCSoccerWarz: The February Campaign


The season may have started in March, but the #NYCSoccerWarz burned steadily through February.

The Jersey Reds suffered the loss of a general last month, but got through their preseason without much more bleeding. The Bronx Blues may have seen mixed results in Manchester, but kept pressure on the ticket battle. The Long Island Greens took their fight internationally as their pre-season started in advance of the NASL spring campaign.

Every month through 2015, we’re taking time to review the victories and (mostly self-inflicted) setbacks of each team’s campaign. Individual news stories and events will be assigned a score from +5 to -5 to reflect the impact on the club’s fight for hearts and minds across the NYC metro area.

Monthly winners will be determined, and at the end of the year, we will declare one club the Kings of NYC Soccer.

With that, let’s review all the carnage that happened in February …

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  • Jay

    RBNY added a pdl team not an npsl team correct?

  • Wait a sec!

    In all fairness, the New York Cosmos won $200,000 dollars in China. When was the last time a US club from MLS, or even from the US “2nd division” ever won that type of money from a one game international event? That win and the money earned deserve several points.

    Obviously, the Cosmos win February.

  • Joseph Linhart

    Point of order. Red Bulls moved their U-23 from the NPSL to USL PDL. I know that’s what was meant. Just to update the article.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Grella is at least TWO points.

    Great read boys.

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