#NYCSoccerWarz: The February Campaign



Calming the tempest of horrid news was one winning battle NYCFC could claim in January.  Keeping that upward momentum going through February, however, was the next big test — one the Bronx Blues did well to surpass.
    • David Villa Named Club Captain: 0 pts.
      • There could not be a better ambassador for NYCFC … but you don’t earn points in the #NYCSoccerWarz by doing what you are supposed to do.
    • St. Mirren Victory: 1 pt.
      • NYCFC looked unstoppable against the Scottish side.  Then again … it is preseason.
    • Brondby Loss: -1 pt.
      • It’s preseason, so results are not indicative of the team’s regular season form.  However, they did drop a result to a beatable opponent — and did so while displaying several weaknesses in their game.
    • Launch Youth Development League and Official Youth Academy: 2 pts.
      • A point a piece on this one.  NYCFC introduced a truly innovative and groundbreaking way of gathering talent and support on the local level by incorporating local leagues under their umbrella.  Brilliant. Simultaneously, they have also begun building their youth academy.  That is quite the achievement.
    • Lose To The Houston Dynamo: -1 pt.
    • Beat the Battery: 1 pt.
    • Draw Orlando City: 0 pt.


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  • Jay

    RBNY added a pdl team not an npsl team correct?

  • Wait a sec!

    In all fairness, the New York Cosmos won $200,000 dollars in China. When was the last time a US club from MLS, or even from the US “2nd division” ever won that type of money from a one game international event? That win and the money earned deserve several points.

    Obviously, the Cosmos win February.

  • Joseph Linhart

    Point of order. Red Bulls moved their U-23 from the NPSL to USL PDL. I know that’s what was meant. Just to update the article.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Grella is at least TWO points.

    Great read boys.

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