#NYCSoccerWarz: The February Campaign



The New York Red Bulls put further distance on their January losses, finally focusing on the coming campaign.
Therein, the Red Bulls have cut losses, added new firepower — and managed to put in a rather successful February campaign.
    • Tim Cahill Leaves The Club: -1 pt.
      • Addition by subtraction?  Sure, we can buy that.  However, take the move at face value: the Red Bulls have lost a World Class player and have not found a replacement for him. That is enough for a dip in points.
    • NYRBII Secure Red Bull Arena, Columbia University Homes: 2 pt.
      • Finding a home is certainly nothing to praise; it should be part of the building of any team. However, when you transition from RBA to Manhattan in the same campaign, credit must be given where due.
    • Draw Koge: 0 pts.





    • Secure PDL Team: 1 pt.
      • New York already enjoy the spoils of their fine academy.  The USL team will serve as a transition for players at the cusp.  But what of the rest of the affiliated players?  Well, the Red Bulls have secured a spot in the PDL to trot out their U-23 talent.
    • Ibrahim Sekagya, Chris Armas join Technical Staff: 1 pt.
      • Kudos to the Red Bulls for finding veteran Sekagya a home.  The Ugandan veteran joins USL head coach John Wolyniec in the team’s inaugural season.  Meanwhile, New York have brought in a local native in Chris Armas to bolster Marsch’s assistants.
    • Sign Mike Grella: 1 pt.


  • Red Bull Out Billboard: -1 pt.
    • The remnants of January’s drama continue to haunt this club as #RedBullOut financed a new billboard, at the mouth of the Harrison exit by Red Bull Arena.
  • Avoid Oyongo-gate: 1 pt.
    • Fans were up in arms when the club traded away Ambroise Oyongo, their budding Cameroonian star left back, to the Montreal Impact for Felipe.  Since then, Oyongo has been embroiled in contractual controversy, refusing to report with the Impact.  Vindication?  Just a bit.

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  • Jay

    RBNY added a pdl team not an npsl team correct?

  • Wait a sec!

    In all fairness, the New York Cosmos won $200,000 dollars in China. When was the last time a US club from MLS, or even from the US “2nd division” ever won that type of money from a one game international event? That win and the money earned deserve several points.

    Obviously, the Cosmos win February.

  • Joseph Linhart

    Point of order. Red Bulls moved their U-23 from the NPSL to USL PDL. I know that’s what was meant. Just to update the article.

  • Dave from Dix Hills

    Grella is at least TWO points.

    Great read boys.

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