#NYCSoccerWarz: The May-July Campaign




The troubles of the Red Bulls May campaign seeped into June, but gave way to a hopeful new beginning by months end.

Losses to Houston on the road and Vancouver at home put a damper to the beginning of the month, but a USOC victory against Atlanta and a pair of major MLS wins in the final weeks set up the Red Bulls for a resurrection.

  • Houston 4-2 Red Bulls at BBVA: -1 points
  • USOC: Red Bulls 3-0 Atlanta Silverbacks: +2 points. The Red Bulls were under major scrutiny over their USOC approach. So far, so good.
  • Vancouver 2-1 Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena: -2 points
  • Red Bulls 1-0 RSL at Red Bull Arena: +2 points
  • Red Bulls 3-1 NYCFC at Yankee Stadium: +7 points. Coming back from behind in enemy territory. A major statement win for the Red Bulls.

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  • storms

    this is the Dane Cook comedy special of soccer coverage – too long and not funny

  • It’s back!

    Love the piece! Thanks Dave.

  • Anthony

    #3 was pretty obvious.

  • Larry’s Left Arm Is a Simpleton

    Yes, but my team has the biggest crowds AND biggest Jackasses in the stands!

    That must count for SOMETHING!

    • Anonymous

      and the biggest body count

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      i bet you dream about the day the f.cosmos becoming relavant. it aint ever happening dim wit

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    Your team Is a steaming pile of **** simpleton . That’s all that counts.

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    how do the f.cosmos even get into this thing? the brooklyn eye-talians have more cred that that farce out there in nassau county. ho hum. another day, another day closer to the f.cosmos folding.

    • Larry is Cretin

      Another day, more people killed by Sheik Mansour’s oppressive regime.

      Meanwhile, I lie in bed while thinking of Poku and listening to “Baby Got Back.”

  • slowleftarm

    Where’s our points for getting our owner the most amount of free advertising? Man, Red Bull is great. Nothing like starting your day off with the taste of baby aspirin.

    • slowleftarm

      What a sad impostor. At least say something witty.

    • Luis

      lmao you sure got that fizzy drink fan tight