Early offensive explosion leads Red Bulls past New England


HARRISON N.J. – Bradley Wright-Phillips channeled Thierry Henry — and beat his mentor’s multi-goal game record with the Red Bulls — leading his team with a brace within the first thirteen minutes of the match to lift New York to victory over rivals New England Revolution.

Wright-Phillips scored a pair while Lloyd Sam and Anthony Wallace added two more in the Red Bulls 4-1 victory. New York now move up to second in the Eastern Conference (7-5-6, 26 pts.), with the Revolution continuing their mid-season slump with their fifth loss in a row.

“The first fifteen minutes were probably the best we’ve played all year,” said assistant coach Dennis Hamlett ,who was filling in for the suspended Red Bull head coach Jessie Marsch. “Overall three points were important for us to get and we got it tonight.”

New York started fast as Lloyd Sam sent a ball towards goal, finding the head of Bradley Wright-Phillips in only the fourth minute. Before the tenth minute, New York doubled their lead when Sam found the back of the net with a brilliant shot. Just three minutes later, Wright-Phillips scored again, passing Thierry Henry on the list of New York’s multi-goal games.

“Excellent performance. I was proud to be part of the team,” said goalscorer Bradley Wright-Phillips about his team’s performance on Saturday night. “These are the kind of things we do in training and today they came off in the first twelve minutes and we won the game.”

New England closed the gap before the half when a pass found Andy Dorman right in front of net. The goal was initially waved off for offside, but referee Alan Kelly reversed the decision and awarded the goal.

That shot of offense carried the Revolution into the second half where they would start aggressively. However, momentum didn’t last long as Red Bull left back Anthony Wallace took a shot from just outside the box, finding a deflection and adding to New York’s lead.


The Revolution meltdown continued just short of extra time. Jose Goncalves was called for his second yellow of the match, taking down Sal Zizzo in the area. His penalty chance was turned away by goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth and the midfielders rebound shot was denied as well.

The win pushes New York over .500 and puts some distance from the team’s four game losing streak a month ago. The team now looks forward to a road trip, taking on debutante darlings Orlando City in Florida.

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  • good win

    obvious similarities between nyrb and uswnt opening mins.

    take the 3pts to be fair, revs defense a train wreck. beautiful passing in revs box by nyrb. ne two diff teams w/ and w/out jj.

    still concerned that 1 win over .500 puts a team 2nd in east. skc must feel hard done by having to move to west.

    nyrb has VERY easy mls schedule over next 6 matches. aug 30 will be huge.

  • NYfoot

    It is odd that when they win nobody comments.

    • #redbullshout

      I’m not satisfied with this win!

      I want the FO to give out Mike Petke blow up dolls at the games!

      • CosmosPetke

        Agreed, we should unite as losers and cry about Petke and Metro, as if they are coming back, because we are smart.

        • #redbullshout


          Now you’re talking!

          I have a Metrostars tattoo on my ass!

          Long live Mickey Kydes and Dan Garber!

    • bleeckerst

      The red bulls did well, however this was a Revs team without Jones that suffered extremely poor defending with Shuttleworth ball watching into the net.

      Would the Res Bulls have the same result against LA, White Caps, Seattle or DC United? Probably not. Even Orlando next week will be an interesting match which we will likely not take road points from.

      The comments will always be the same. DPs needed for strength and depth in the squad. Sure Gerrad, Pirlo, Lampard are past their prime, however all 3 were only last season playing top fight football and will decimate the MLS. The Red Bulls need to get smart and get 1-2 DPs on the roster, players who were linked in the transfer window such as Osvaldo are available on free transfers, even Kevin Prince Boateng has been told to find a new club. BWP needs another striker upfront, a CAM is needed and a leader of men in defence. Kolo Toure was linked with the team back in the day and would be a decent signing for the defence following his stints at Liverpool and Man City.

      If the team wants trophies a few players are needed to finish the squad, as whilst the youth talent is exciting like Abang, these guys can’t compete against the likes of Kamara, Depsey, Martins, Kaka etc

      • CosmosPetke

        Do you seriously believe what you wrote? Voted for Obama twice and now this? Get real.

  • john

    Why is the attendance so poor at Red Bulls arena? it is a great stadium , the team is good and entertaining to watch.

    That stadium should be 90 % full every game and I know all sports report tickets sold but the stadium looks half full most of the time unless they play NYCFC.

    • CosmosPetke

      Agreed John, I watched NYCFC and so many empty seats there. Every New York or Long Island match should be full. Just watching Columbus last week and their stadium was half empty. Or even watching Yankee games with nobody behind home plate. But Red Bulls only played NYCFC once. And as for Red Bulls, when they brought Henry over it was still half empty. How dumb are these people? Even with Petke (who is God and my homo fantasy, even before Bruce Jenner) the arena was half empty. The best player in the world and ask me and any of my queer friends, Petke was the greatest coach ever. So greatest player + greatest coach = half empty. Now that they are both gone and the crowds are the same we are trying to blame who for what? Nothing has changed, dumb losers.

      • Anonymous

        Your posts are hilarious. Your obviously a small peckered freak who lives in his parents basement and over compensates through humour. But, your a funny small peckered freak and most importantly, your a member of our Empire of Soccer family! And we love you!

        • CosmosPetke

          There is no we, you are Anonymous, and your whole comeback is material you stole from me (I used parents basement all the time). So give credit where credit is due. You losers that have no concept of sports economics, even soccer, are making the rest of us hate Mike Petke. It’s sports, people get fired, move on.

          • Anonymous

            LMFAO! Like I said, gold! Comedy gold Jerry! But seriously, how about you and me get together and do “men” stuff, while we look at pictures of Mike Petke?

            • CosmosPetke

              Mike Petke had heart, he was the greatest coach. I complain that $10 is too much for parking, well because I’m not very successful. No matter what the Red Bulls do I will always long for Petke and Metro. A bunch of my loser friends and I will get together and talk about how much of a difference Red Bull Out is making. So, yes, I’m poor and basically a joke. But amongst all us loser that spend most of our time on MetroFanatic, we are winners. And Anonymous. And not athletic. You should see the girls we hang with, god awful pigs.

              • Your My Obsession

                CosmosPetke, what do you say? You, me, whipped cream and a Mike Petke poster. …how about it?

                • Your My Obsession

                  We can even write #RedBullOut in glitter markers all over each others bodies.

          • Anonymous

            “you are Anonymous,” yes because your parents named you CosmosPetke.

      • Petke Wet Dream

        how about we get together and we can spoon on top of my Mike Petke sheets on my waterbed.

    • Anonymous

      I imagine that it’s probably a combination of not having a set of big named designated players and the fact that the stadium, while pretty, is located in Nowheresville, NJ…

      There’s also a terrible lack of marketing of the team by the company and with the shiny new blue team across the river (who have a full set of three big named designated players even though they’re old ones), the Red Bulls are probably seeming a little long in the tooth at the moment.

      The company really needs to either sell the team to someone who cares or spend some cash to revitalize it.

  • Good three points,Revs suck,funny Obama comment and just saw nycfc first time at Yankee stadium,impressions….David villa great,giovinco great defenses blow and delta suite is awesome. BTW full stadium for a hot three pm game on a Sunday. And an easy drive from jersey. They all need as many DPs as possible,let’s get real.

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