David Villa: Despite offers, offseason loan “not a realistic possibility”



As the season comes to a close for New York City FC, fans are being introduced to another interesting caveat of life in MLS: the ever-present rumors of an offseason loan.

In the case of NYCFC, the focus is on David Villa who has long been rumored as a target of La Liga clubs for a short-term winter deal.

The question of such a scenario was brought to Villa’s attention on the Valencia-based broadcast of Super Murcielago on Levante TV, who quelled the chatter in no uncertain terms.

“Yes, I am hearing rumors from everywhere, but nothing concrete and I haven’t even analyzed the idea of going anywhere else because realistically, it isn’t a real possibility,” Villa said.

The question was a hopeful one from the Murcielago hosts, partially due to Villa’s legendary status at Valencia. El Guaje scored 107 goals in 166 matches over six seasons with the club and is regarded as an icon for the club and city. He has had similar success at NYCFC, scoring 17 goals and adding eight assists in 28 appearances.

Villa acknowledged interest from other clubs, but would not go so far as to entertain a potential move. In fact, the Spanish legend says that he doesn’t know “if it would be the best decision for the club” to loan him out, especially since they want him “to rest” for the start of preseason camp on January 21st, 2016.

Villa says that he is “happy” at NYCFC — despite what he labels an “irregular season.”

“I won’t say I expected it because I never expect things like this, but yes, it is normal as a first year club, for being so complicated to make a team from scratch with new players, plus the rules when it comes to signing players like the way it is in Europe,” he explains. “It has been an irregular season. We weren’t able to make the playoffs, but individually, I am happy about the experience I am living. I am scoring a bunch of goals, we have two games remaining, and I am happy to live this experience, even if this first year didn’t bring about all the good we hoped for.”


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  • William

    this so called team isn’t a realistic possibility the complete laughing stock of MLS.

    • Larry’s A Simpleton

      there goes Angry Bill being his old delusional self again. lol. laughing stock? how so billy boy? please explain. or are you just an angry delusional fan of a dying franchise who is so desparate to strike out he’ll say any stupid thing than enters his bonehead. i thinks thats more the case

      I know, maybe Villa can loan himself out to the f.cosmos for the rest of the season. with a real star on the roster perhaps they could get more than 3000 into the building and some media coverage. all the things the f.cosmos sorely lack.

      • William

        not angry at all stop projecting u complete lunatic there he goes LOONEY LARRY – actually u are really just a pathetic joke of a human being. take a bow GENIUS.

        • slowleftarm

          While I enjoy making fun of NYCFC as much as the next guy, they’re still in a million times better position than Hempstead Cosmos. Huge crowds, TV and radio coverage, in the top division in this country. Meanwhile all Hempstead Cosmos can do is dust off Pele once in a while.

          • William

            really little man talk from such a position of unfounded arrogance just look at your team the Metrostars just look at their pathetic history what a disaster of a franchise. Another year without the MLS cup. A JOKE !!!!

  • William

    placic bitch farm team yet we have 40,000 talk about delusional Larry the LOSER. with his broken brain.

  • William

    Garber laughing behind the back of the Smurf team and the third rail ahahahahahahaahhahahaahahahahahaa what a bunch of losers !!!!

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