NYCFC optimistic about future as first season comes to disappointing end



For a team that finished eighth in the Eastern Conference, New York City FC are echoing their fans’ sentiment in saying ‘The Best is Yet To Come.’

The problems displayed throughout the year by NYCFC reared their ugly heads again throughout its loss to the New England Revolution on Sunday. The team started slowly, left many holes in its defense and failed to finish the chances it created. In trying to improve on those deficiencies, NYCFC head coach Jason Kreis said more than one factor will be in effect.

“There will be some improvement in the team just in the amount of time they spend together,” Kreis said. “There will be some improvement in the team because we won’t be adding players in the summer, we’ll have them here from the very beginning of the preseason and there will be some improvement by adding new players and also being very hopeful that they will be part of the team from day one of preseason. For me, that’s very critical.”

A lack of consistency and continuity doomed NYCFC’s chances of making the playoffs. The team never went more than four games without a defeat and only had four opening day starters make the starting lineup of its final regular season match. One of those four players, forward David Villa, apologized for the team’s results this season in a postgame address.

“Everything the club has done has been pretty good, except for the results,” Villa said through a translator. NYCFC left too much space for the Revolution’s attacking players which happened too often this year, Villa added.

NYCFC will be off for the next two weeks as club officials meet with City Football Group brass to determine which players and possibly coaches will return for next year. When asked to comment on the futures of defenders Kwame Watson-Siriboe and George John, Kreis was noncommittal. Kreis did say, however, that the team now has a core group of players.

“We have three fantastic Designated Players on this team, we have some very exciting young talent to develop into what should be great MLS stars and we have identified a core group of players to stay here next year and build off because in my opinion, in this league success takes continuity,” Kreis said.

How much continuity remains in the NYCFC setup after year one remains to be seen, especially with Kreis and team president Tom Glick both reported to be leaving the club. Kreis maintains that he will stay if the decision is his while Glick has not been made available for comment.

Midfielder Frank Lampard did not state an opinion on NYCFC’s off-field flux. However, he said the club has had a successful first year building a relationship with the local fans. Now the task is to have a successful second season on the field.

“You have to look at everything as a whole and we need to play better, simple as that,” Lampard said. “As a team, we’ve had bits of games where we’ve played pretty well and other times where we’ve been too open and not enough fluidity in the team. We have to work hard at that.

“I don’t think there’s any amount of time to point the finger at coaches or anyone outside the pitch at the moment. We have to look at ourselves on the pitch.”

  • EnglishRBNY

    I’d have so much more sympathy if their fans had come correct in the first place. It’s not easy being an expansion club no matter what you think of the standard of play in mls. Kiers has a point about expansion teams existing before being admitted into the league and how nycfc was literally created out of dust. And I sympathize with him.

    But day-um! Yo fans suck!

    From before, middle and right to the end. The demented endless trash talk about “real New York team” coz no other self respecting New York teams play in New Jersey.

    “jersey, jersey, jersey” 20 years it took the Yankees to build a new stadium. And they have 100 years of New York pedigree. If building a stadium in Nyc proper was so fucking easy, don’t you think the metro/red bulls would have done it already??!

    “20 years and how many cups?” Yeah that is fucking annoying, but we have two more pieces of silverware than you. Come back when you’ve survived being in existence for 20 and have something to show for it.

    “Energy drink, this that and the other”. Like a broken record. You’re corporate owner…coz we all have corporate owners…is a fucking human rights abuser! Red bull does all kinds of amazing things with their money, from sponsoring snowboarders to dudes in space suits jumping out of hot air balloons. Your owner has no regard for human life!!! Lovely.

    And so endeth my rant. Good luck in the off season. I hope you all learned something this year. And I look forward to taking another 9 points from you.

    • The Real insider

      Come on the NJredbulls win and there is no stories in the newspapers about their games. Maybe they can get some coverage in the NJ papers because we know no one in NY cares about the NJRedbulls.

      20 years in NJ and no MLS cups they are the Cubs of MLS.

    • George

      Dude, I know how you feel. I was cheering for NYCFC this year after cheering for RB’s for years. It had nothing to do with the teams but with location. I happen to live ten minutes away from Yankee stadium. that said, what I saw from some of these dudes in the 3rd rail and other supporters was just idiotic. We’re just cheering for large multi billionaire corporations. Nothing to get worked up about. I thought that despite the pedestrian record and not making the playoffs, NYCFC still had a decent 1st year. they were competitive, had a chance to make the playoffs, with two games to go, and had a top five scorer. Not bad. Now, I will turn my attention to the NYRB’s. And, yes, I will cheer for them because I am not a mindless fanatic. Just like I will cheer for the Mets even though I grew up cheering for the Yankees. It’s all New York.

    • Troy

      Don’t be self-conscious about it. I’m a RBNY fan and couldn’t care less that I’m closer to Yankee stadium. A lot of the “fans” for NYCFC just need New York validation. The real soccer fan loves the team. I’ve been here for 15 years and don’t need a team’s location to make me feel like I’m a NYer.

      Let the noobs be. They don’t know any better.

      • George

        Troy, I’m not sure I get your point. I don’t need validation. I was born and raised in the city(probably like you). I live in Manhattan. That alone makes me more of a New Yorker than what stupid sports franchise I support. NYCFC is close to my home so I went their games. At the end of the day, YOU are just cheering for a CORPORATION. It is meaningless. I have a friend on the NYRB and another friend who played with them for eight years in the Metro days. I used to go to their games because I enjoyed watching the games. But once a team started playing nearby, then it just makes sense time and money wise. It’s faster to get to NYCFC games and cheaper for me. If the Redbulls played in the city nearby, I would go to their games more often. But they are not. they are in Harrison. It’s all cool though, I still hope they win.

    • NYCFCFan

      NYCFC supporter groups are terrible filled with annoying, loud try hard hipsters. As a fan of the team I apologize for them, their s**t songs and the terrible insults they hurled at the redbulls.

      • Anonymous

        Green Street Cosplay

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  • Anonymous

    There will be massive turnover of the roster.
    There will be massive, stupid turnover of coaching and office staff.
    A new batch of celebrity DPs will be brought in, regardless of whether or not they fit any tactical scheme.
    There will be enough empty seats and no-shows to spark conversation. Nothing huge – but just enough.

    This is the Toronto meets Metrostars

  • BleedingRed


  • Ny empire fc

    The only reason I thought nycfc would make the playoffs is because they play in the east conference.
    But, I think sooner than later nycfc will be the galaxy of the east and make the playoffs probably next season.

    • Anonymous

      The Galaxy is the best run team in the history of MLS.
      Have you seen any evidence to suggest that NYC will equal this?
      I find it far more likely that they become the Knicks.

      • The Real insider

        NYCFC will be one of the better teams in MLS they have great ownership, the money to bring players of a high quality.

        MLS will eventually relax its salary restrictions and add more DP’s and International spots which will allow the LA teams, Seattle and NYCFC to bring in great young players its only a matter of time.

      • Ulrich

        In fairness, LA is the best because of Bruce Arena. Back when LA was led by Alexi Lalas, it was questionable if the club would ever be the flagship since he was driving it headfirst into the ground. NYCFC is in a similar predicament – Reyna is clueless at running a team, and Kreis is just being Kreis – a guy that hasn’t won anything beyond his 2009 MLS cup that was done with a losing record, a goal differential tie-breaker to get the playoff spot, and then 2 shootouts in the Conf Championship and MLS Cup. That’s not exceptional coaching, that’s simply flipping a coin twice and getting lucky.

        • The Realist

          Having deep pockets does not guarantee success in a league with a salary cap.

          Are NYCFC fans really that dumb?

          • Johnny Feelgood

            I take offense to that. I consider myself hip, smart, fashion conscience and in tune with my surroundings. I have a girlfriend- she never smiles- and we both think New York City FC is the best thing to happen to New York since, well, the soft pretzel. It’s only a matter of time before we have the history of the New York Yankees. I’m actually considering a tattoo to show my devotion. There’s a place in Brooklyn- not far from my loft- that plays Indian sitar music and has expresso served during your tattoo. How about that? I just can’t wait until March! I have it on good authority – from Roxy himself- that ALL banners will be right side up next year and ALL chicken will be cooked. I’m a vegan, but whatever. My girl- she convinced me of the cruelties towards animals. Man I love Pirlo what a legend. What a season he had. What a difference he made!!!!!! When he was at that game in the skybox early in the year smooching his girl I KNEW we were set!!!!!! Somebody pinch me!!!!!!!

            • NyHipsterS**tHead

              Well said.

            • Bushwick Bill

              I totally agree 100%, Johnny. When I discovered Brooklyn a few years ago, I never knew I’d have a sports team that was as chic, homegrown, hip and organic as I am. When NYCFC came along, it was a perfect synergy. Now, I can’t even describe the joy I feel when I take the D train to the stadium on game days, sipping an iced mocha latte and listening to a sitar-Death Cab for Cutie mash up on my I-phone. I’m so glad I discovered this whole hip scene.

              • Anonymous

                Try taking your fixie bike while sipping a kombucha. Much more authentic and real

          • Anonymous

            While having deep pockets doesn’t guarantee success, it certainly doesn’t hurt your chances. All things being equal, I’d rather have more money to spend than less.

            • the Realist

              If you spend it on old washed up geezers (Lampard) and wheezer (Iron Lung Pirlo), money doesn’t help you

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    An 8 th place finish couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of douchebag fans. They better start winning quick, or all the hipster shitheads will find something better to do with their time.

  • William

    hahaahahahaha bunch of novices and their idiot fans I worse this team and u jerkoffs the worst enjoy !!!

    • Rip

      “I worse this team and u jerkoffs the worst enjoy”? Insightful as always William. Please get us more coherent analysis from the Cosmos fan base. Is it a requirement that a Cosmos fan be special needs or does it just happen naturally?

      • William

        hahahaahahaha u moron did u enjoy your season I know I am enjoying mine now go climb back into your dumpster u slug bitch

        • slowleftarm

          Angry Bill – the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Imadumy

    “Everything the club has done has been pretty good, except for the results,” Villa said
    Might be the single dumbest thing I ever heard. Hey David! You’re judged on your results!
    What a dope.