Cosmos “optimistic” about Belmont Stadium bid after political upheaval in NY



Is temporary President of the New York State Senate John Flanagan the “knight in shining armor” the New York Cosmos have been waiting for?

If you ask Cosmos COO Erik Stover, that is a possibility.

The New York Cosmos have been waiting three years for a response to their RFP for the redevelopment of land in the Elmont area. Their proposal includes a restaurant row, new park spaces, a hotel and a 25,000 seat soccer specific stadium just off of the Cross Island Parkway — a $400 million project all proposed through private financing..

That package has been collecting dust since submitted to the Empire State Development Corp at the end of 2012. But speaking to fans at a watch party Q&A, Stover showed some renewed hope in the situation, using the knight analogy to describe Flanagan who replaces disgraced former Senate Leader Dean Skelos.


“For the first time in a while, I feel very optimistic about it,” Stover said. “Even though this project was in [Skelos’] district, without knowing for sure, we don’t think he was really fighting for us. We think he was conflicted on some level with one of our competitors. That is speculation.”

Skelos represented the district of Nassau — the very zone where the Cosmos want to build their stadium. Flanagan represents neighboring Suffolk. However, Flanagan has assured the Cosmos — and Stover directly — that finding a resolution to the stadium RFP was a priority for him, win or lose.

“He looked me in the eye and said ‘this project is important for us, important for our region, and I am going to fight for this and I promise I will at least give you an answer,'”  Stover said. “For the first time in two-and-a-half years, someone has picked up the ball and run with it.”

Labeling his enthusiasm as “cautiously optimistic,” the positive tone of the stadium update is a change from recent declarations from the Cosmos front office. With no word from the ESD, the team has been up front about their desire to secure a proper home ground elsewhere. Stover has named Westchester, Brooklyn and Queens as possible areas for a potential stadium. New Jersey, he said, is “a long shot.”

“If we are ultimately going to succeed in our plans, we need a stadium,” a candid Stover told fans.

Flanagan’s election — and personal declarations — are the first sign of hope for New York since submitting their bid some three years ago.

Meanwhile, the team continues to play out of Hofstra’s Shuart Stadium. In a revealing moment, Stover told the Cosmos fans that the team looked into the 7,000 seat Belson Stadium on the campus of St. John’s in Queens — an option that was eventually turned down. “Believe it or not, St. Johns administration was harder to work with so you can imagine my level of frustration,” he said.

The team’s tenant-status at Hofstra has been difficult to maneuver. Aside from the no-alcohol sanction and the lack of public transportation, scheduling has been an issue. This year alone, the team could only secure 14 of their 15 games in Shuart Stadium, forcing them to look for another venue to complete there schedule. That venue became MCU Park in Coney Island. Many of those dates have also fallen on holidays, making it even more difficult to draw crowds at home.

Stover said next year’s calendar looks far more forgiving. Though there won’t be as many Saturday fixtures, the club has received better dates to accommodate their NASL season.

For full audio of the event, visit THIS IS COSMOS COUNTRY PODCAST on soundcloud:

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    Hofstra doesn’t want them, St Johns doesn’t want them, the Cyclones dont’ want them, NYC doesnt care at all. Take the hint erik. the handwriting is on the wall and a good intern never forgets 2 sugars and no milk in reynas coffee

    • William

      relax plastic team fan Erik is just getting started remember where u heard son

    • Anonymous

      Brooklyn president said that he wants the Cosmos permanently in Brooklyn. Get your facts straight buddy.

      • slowleftarm

        Brooklyn Boro President is a figurehead position with no ability to do anything. Looks like 4k at the lacrosse stadium every week for the foreseeable future.

      • Steph S


      • Steph S

        Fact that Brooklyn want them… Fact that the Brooklyn Borough President has limited pull…

    • Anonymous

      Larry, it’s difficult to believe that you read the article.

      Give it the once over

    • Anonymous

      If cyclones don’t want us then why are we going back in November??

    • Larry’sslowlefttesticle

      now lookee lookee here. this here be the chief muckitymuck aka i is the pappy of my boys larry’sasimpleturd and slowleftteste and i musta apologize on behalfs of dem fools. i knows i shoulda pulled out of they mamma bunghole when i was ready to splode and make a mess all ova her back, but she was so tight and squeezing me so nice i didn have a choices when the time cums, so i’s fills her up and tree weeks later she shats out my two boys larry and slow. an i try an raise dem fools up the right way but they came out the mamma ass so they is gonna always be ass backwards them boys. dem fools grows up watchin and belie ving the soccer mls’s don garbage and ussf a ssssunny gimmes me some money an slobbing they knobs all day ova dere an whatnots. and i try everything i can thinks of, slapping ’em beating ’em. i even try and flush ’em back down the toilet where they shoulda gone when they came out they momma ass in the first place. i tries to tell em boys to be free minded but they inisists on gnawin donny an sunny’s dingleberries and belie ving what dey is told. these boys is fools and they my fools. so i must be pologizing to you alls you here for they ignorance bout certain things. i gives you all my permissions to slap my boyz n dey shitmouth when they spill donnies an sunnies ejaculations from between they teefers. dem fools aint been nothing but troubles on my mind since they was shat into creations from they mammas vacuous bowel. it has been almos twenty years since i makes my last internets statment and i hates to be coming out of retirement for these here foolish boys of mines, but being the chief muckitymuck an they daddy an knowing my friend william shatner’s approvals of this here motion, i declares my boys to shutting up as the shitz dripping from they mouths be getting all stank up in here…

  • Larry’s A Simpleton

    then why cant the world famous cosmos secure a permanent deal anywhere??? They’re going to play one more game at MCU park? BFD.

    Only stevie wonder cant read the handwriting on the wall. I repeat. hofstra doesnt want them st johns doesnt want them brooklyn doesnt want them and nyc couldnt care less.

    the f.cosmos are DOA and knucklehead stover will be interning in the bronx come 2016.

    2 sugars no milk.

    • Steph S

      Like NYCFC has a permanent stadium deal ??????? Even Yankee ownership (30%) would prefer they play elsewhere…

  • Kevin

    But u have them going to Connecticut right Larry, ur supposed source says so…

  • Kevin

    I hope this deal never happens. I’m hoping a deal in Brooklyn works out. Long island is too far from the jersey shore. Let’s get to Brooklyn and actually start marketing better Cosmos. Get some players that the team can market, can put a face with and go from there…the cosmos said they would give this till the end of the year and then be done with Belmont. So be done with them guys, don’t fall back on a politicians promise… build a stadium that works for us now. Not 25000 seater. San Antonio Scorpions actually built a 9,000 seat stadium that can have another tier built onto for another 7000 seats. That’s what we should plan for. A modest stadium, grow the team, the academy and the fan base. Then see if you want to expand. I have a million ideas and thoughts about the organization, but they never seem to call me to hear any of them.

  • cosmos luv

    why so much hate?
    nyc are in their first year and are land shopping
    red bull have a nice stadium but no real identity and sucky owner
    cosmos play in d2 and have a good identity and plan to have the best 3rd looking stadium in the U.S.

    • Steph S

      Spot on…

    • Not a Prick

      No hate from me man. I love NYCFC. I love the team. I love watching them struggle. I know they suck. They won’t always. A lot of teams suck. I like The Cosmos too. I hope this works out. I’d definitely go to some games.

  • David Carlin, Farm Animal Molester

    I didn’t think simpleton could even read. I with you Kevin. I’d like to see them pursue something in Brooklyn.

    • cosmos luv

      cosmos should start by moving to another temporary site like Randalls island or the pier that nycfc wanted at first.
      Put some money into a temporary location and then pursue another location like Brooklyn or queens and throw some serious money at the politicians.
      but you nevert know red bull might sell sooner than later.

  • Again, why do the “irrelevant” Cosmos invite so many comments and so much invective from fans of other teams? I don’t know.

    Anyway, this Belmont project is very frustrating, but the reason it’s so frustrating to Cosmos fans is because it’s actually realistic and within reach, unlike NYCFC who are NOWHERE with their plans. And how many 60-90 day announcements did we hear as Metrostars fans when, as it turns out, we were years away from ground being broken.

    Personally, I’m 50-50 on the Belmont stadium. It was a stroke of genius to bid on this redevelopment, because it comes with so much less bureaucracy to deal with. But the location is not terrible, it’s not great either. But if you think it’s easy to build in NYC, ask the Jets, ask the Nets, ask MLS”2″Queens and NYCFC. Unlimited billions is not necessarily enough to get it done. With Belmont, it’s one stroke of a pen and we’re on our way, so I get it. So I’m on board with Belmont.

    I just want out of our shithole in Hempstead, and into the world class facility that is described in the Cosmos bid.

    • cosmos luv

      I believe cosmos need a better organized supporters group that ask more from the owner and politicians.
      they need to add pressure, ask for more attention, and use social media to spread all over new York.
      its now or never for cosmos.

      • Steph S

        Leo knows…. And…. Cosmos luv has keyed in on the power of the supporters and the marketing… A better job needs be done !

    • Steph S

      Leo knows….

      • Steph S

        Leo knows the team supporters are part of the sales and marketing… Their impact is at the moment underestimated and untapped….

  • cosmos luv

    If this falls through, is Brooklyn or queens serious contenders or no.
    how much will attendance increase?
    wouldn’t this projec in Belmont bring fans from queens and Brooklyn and increase attendance to 20,000 easily or does cosmos have a.better future in queens or Brooklyn or jersey.

    By the way,this stadium location reminds me of Minnesota united stadium location, in between good population.

    • MTF

      Regarding attendance, is it lousy solely because they play at Hofstra? If atmosphere brings out the fans, then why have the Red Bulls been stuck at about 18,000 average attendance for 5 years now in Red Bull Arena, arguably one of the best soccer facilities in the country? The Cosmos do advertise…ride the LIRR or pass through Penn Station and you’ll see lots of advertising. Is it the fact that they play in the NASL?

      • Tom

        Its mostly Hofstra.

  • We have done a letter writing campaign, sending over 100 letters to the relevant politicians — letters are far more effective than tweets and emails. Dozens of us showed up at the Elmont Town Hall meeting about the project. This is down to one man to sign off on, Governor Cuomo. He has gotten pressure from many angles and many sectors.

    As for Brooklyn or Queens, it’s starting from scratch. There are political champions for such a stadium in those boroughs, but at the end of the day it’s a long, long road to getting it done. I would prefer Further west Queens or Brooklyn, but if that’s the route we are going, there won’t be a stadium until at least 2020. And probably not even then.

    • Steph S

      Cuomo is clearly dragging this because of his involvement with NYRA…

  • One caveat, however. The Wilpons can’t build there stupid mall on the citifield parking lot. The Appellate Division ruled that it can only be utilized for entertainment, eg a stadium. Sterling Equities has appealed to the state’s highest court but they will almost certainly reject it. So building there could actually go pretty fast, but we have no idea how the Wilpons feel about that.

  • Ali C is my man

    Stadium deal or not, the biggest issue for the Cosmos is who the heck wants to watch NASL??

    • The Realist

      Who wants to watch MLS when you can see so many Euro leagues on TV?

      • Anonymous

        My problem with European league games is that they all come on at awkward times for us due to the time difference. So MLS it is for me. Besides, I can go to an MLS stadium any given week of the season. Going to watch a game in Europe live is a different thing altogether…

      • Ali C is my man

        Live sport my friend.

      • Ali C is my man

        So just sit there in your Chelski shirt and watch your petro-dollar league.

  • Kevin

    But Leo, don’t u think the Wilpons would go for that deal. A soccer stadium in their parking lot, its more money then they are making now off this lot. A lot that literally can only be used to hold a stadium.

    • Well the Wilpons are going to let their appeals run I suspect on the denial of their stupid fucking mall before they turn their attention. I do think the Court of Appeals won’t take the case and that will be that, but we’re still a few months away. Indeed, this could be a quick solution. But I must say, and I know this sounds crazy, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if NYCFC wasn’t already talking to the Wilpons about it. You shouldn’t be either. And beyond that, NYCFC has been laying groundwork with the de Blasio administration for a year and a half now.

      The entire Citifield/Willets point area is in flux at the moment. The Willets Point redevelopment has collapsed. Look at that area for some renewed activity.

      Finally, let me say, whoever said Brooklyn would be bad is just wrong. Flushing meadows is the best choice, but Brooklyn beats Belmont and Hempstead for sure.

  • Thebestsoccerplayer

    If this stadium is built in belmot do you honest believe they can get 15,000+ per game? I do but what do you all think?

  • cosmos luv

    I say over 15k easily but why not just buy red bull arena and the team.
    if you have 400million to use then why not just buy red bull and go to mls.
    lets be honest, if cosmos get denied and need to.wait years for Brooklyn or queens then why not buy out red bull.
    if u ask me,new york and the boroughs can handle 3 mls teams but its garbers league.

    • Resguard

      Cosmos don’t want to be in MLS, that is not the problem. They are happy in NASL, they are one of the big driving force for equality in the USSF.

      • Ali C is my man

        They might be the only team left in that league and end up playing friendlies in Cuba and Hong Kong to sell a few Pele retro shirts.

  • Kevin

    It sounds like a great idea. But again are the RBs even for sale? And what about that lot in queens,its only for stadium use. And we need a stadium

  • soccerfan

    If the team brings in 5 or more designated players , you have a sell out every game… This team will put money , and once again sign big name players. That’s the only option they have ,if they want to be successful in new York

  • Cosmos need Trump….then it’ll get done. Otherwise you daft green loving imbeciles will be talking about this for the next decade. If you believe Stover can get this done, I got a bridge you might be interested in buying… Good luck hapless and hopeless Cosmoids

    • The Realist

      Well, he did get Red Bull Arena done or at least he was there to see it open.

      • DanGerman

        Stover had nothing to do with RBA. That deal was in place for the old Metrostars the Red Bulls did spend more money than was budgeted to get a nicer place but Stover had ZIP to do with that stadium.

        • The Realist

          So you’re giving all the credit to the recently unemployed & clearly incompetent Nicky Sacks?

          • DanGerman

            The man did help Philly get a stadium, he can’t run a team for **** but he is pretty helpful in scoring a stadium.

  • jamie

    why would any city let the Cosmos build a larger ~20K stadium when they only get about 4000 fans a game?

    The place would sit empty and not be used, and the municipality would eventually eat the tax revenue and blight that would be caused by a hardly used facility. Then the cosmos may go under with their minuscule fan base, and criminally run league which teams are fleeing by the minute to MLS – not a recipe for any politicians to greenlight this project for minor league ball that has minimal following in this area with 2 MLS teams already.

    • OpenCupFan

      How come the USSF takes money earned by the USMNT and gives it to mls? How come?

  • EnglishRBNY

    I have zero faith this will ever get done.

  • REAL OpenCupFans know nasl teams are bad

    If you are interested in USSF policies on money ask them, perhaps they co-share TV rights for the greater good of soccer development in the country and to help MLS develop young talent and improve their academies. It is a symbiotic relationship between a countries top league and the national team, 1 draws strength from the other in a mutually beneficial manner.

    Maybe if the **** poor nasl teams that can’t even beat USL 3rd div. clubs developed some young talent and had academies, the USSF would take an interest and work in some sort of partnership with them as well. But anyone would have to admit that nasl has basically done nothing to promote or develop talent for the US national team.

  • The eclipse over the Cosmos

    Brian Lewis ‏@NYPost_Lewis

    New York City FC has passed 19,600 Founding Members (season ticketholders) and #NYCFC plans to cap at 20,000. Those are solid numbers #MLS

    Glenn Crooks ‏@GlennCrooks Washington, DC

    ‘@NYCFC opens 300 level at Yankees Stadium for reg season finale v @NERevolution 10/25 – 19,600 season tix now, cap at 20,000 @carterdaly13

    Dan Dickinson ‏@GothamistDan 22m22 minutes ago

    Digging back through email, NYCFC membership counts:
    14K – 2/26
    16K – 4/6
    16K+ – 5/6
    17K – 7/6
    18K – 8/6
    19K – 9/14
    19.6K – 10/2

    • The Realist

      As a Red Bulls fan, I’m amused by you morons. Three years from now when your team still stinks, is older & still plays on a narrow baseball field, let’s see how your attendance looks. It’ll be you,Nick Chavez & a handful of guys eating raw chicken at the game.

      • The eclipse over the Cosmos

        The rebulls have done a great job building a franchise , great stadium , great practice facility, a good team and they have done a horrible job marketing.

        Don’t knock NYCFC for the great job they have done in marketing the team and they wont be bad down the road look who owns the MFC and the Yankees organizations with a lot of money and NY roots, don’t underestimate the Yankee ownership they have given NYCFC great access to advertisers, merchandising, partnerships and stadium facilities.

        Let’s hope that MYCFC can create a great rivalry on the field.

        • The Realist

          Money doesn’t mean success. Don;t confuse the two.

          • The eclipse over the Cosmos

            it will buy players , build stadiums, buy advertising and marketing.

            Don’t think that MLS wont increase the salary cap and increase the DP’s so NYCFC and LA can bring in better players.

            That is where this league is going and the teams that will be able to spend will be the teams that will win just like it is in every other league in the world.

            • The Realist

              All true, but if your GM is dumb enough to bring in people like Nemec, you’ll still suck regardless of cap space/DPs/etc.

          • Factoid boy

            yeah guys like Giovinco,Lamps,gerrard,Keane,Drogba,Villa and Dos santos dont matter. If you think the RB model of austerity is going to win trophies,standby for the playoffs

      • Neil

        Yes. Three years in existence. But let’s compare how the MetroStars were doing after their first three years.

        • I remember, as a Metro season ticket holder, being at games where I was one of about 700 people in Giants Stadium, with no hope of a stadium on the horizon.

  • William

    NYCFC are unwatchable end of story. Look like a bunch of fat dancers out there. Horrible team yet we get 100,000 to every game — I guess they need something to hang there heads on or their heads will hang low from watching that crap.

  • Mike

    Belmont’s a great idea, but I do feel that there’s been enough waiting. Get NY State to give a definitive answer (a multipurpose stadium with mall & added businesses or a casino — really, legislators, is it that hard of a choice?), while starting to look for options elsewhere.

    I’d hate to see the Cosmos go to Brooklyn — I could at least stomach Queens, preferably by Flushing Meadows or Citifield near the 7 train — but the boys in Green need a home.

    • William

      great post Mike !!!!

    • Joey

      I think Belmont is the ideal choice and I hope it happens, but why do you hate the Brooklyn ideal? Is it personal or you don’t think it would work out?

  • cosmos dude or never cosmos
    make it happen or just buy red bull

    • slowleftarm

      Nah – the Red Bull brand has far more global cache than Cosmos. Except for that one dude in Sweden and some other guy’s uncle in Brazil, most people around the world have never heard of Cosmos.

      • William

        known not for the Harrison team just for that idiotic drink

        what a great history u have had in the TIN CAN what a fanbase what a stadium what a history of success matched by only the Brooklyn Italians.

        • slowleftarm

          A guy whose team plays in a college lacrosse stadium is mocking RBA? Now I’ve heard everything.

          • William

            sure u need to focus on that trainwreck in NJ and get ready u will be hearing a lot more and more and more. Why don’t u as Metrostars fan talk a little bit about the history of winning over at the TIN CAN in Harrison ? the great culture of excellence the absolute forward thinking ownership and the championships oh yes did I say championships ?
            I am still looking let me know when u find any – ill be waiting.

            • Minor league cosmos

              How can a minor league cosmos talk about anything soccer related , a team with no fans , no stadium, no tv coverage, no radio coverage, no newspaper coverage , no national media exposure , plays in a college stadium that the university wants them out . You have nothing to hang your hat on. What a clown .

              The cosmos a team a team no one in New York know exists .

            • slowleftarm

              Wait seriously? A guy whose team plays in minor league games in a lacrosse stadium in front of 3k is calling the team that is top of MLS (i.e. the top division in this country) a trainwreck? This is a team that drew double your average attendance for a cup game played at 4pm on a Tuesday. A Cosmos fan is actually making fun of this?

              A guy whose team has existed for two years is mocking RBNY’s lack of success, notwithstanding they won the Supporters Shield two years ago while Cosmos couldn’t even win a trophy last season in a league full of teams from tiny towns like Louisville and Ottawa that spend 1/10 what they do? Wow.

              • Tom

                @slowleftarm Poor attendance in NY/NJ isn’t related only to the Cosmos – NY Red Bulls claimed around 14K last night and had around half that in the stadium, a terrible turnout, and they’re in a 20yr old D1 league.

                Louisville is in D3 Usl not NASL.

                Ottawa spent a lot more than 1/10 of Cosmos. Most NASL clubs are in large markets.

                Your lack of NASL knowledge diminishes any value your posts have.

  • Kevin

    I don’t agree,with some of my fellow cosmos fans say on here at times, but if we,are so irrelevant why are the Cosmos forums so much more popular then the other 2 teams. I honestly don’t have a problem with the other 2 teams. It would b nice if one day I can talk soccer and the players on the Cosmos with fellow fans without the constant instigating that goes, but you can’t keep saying they are irrelevant if so many people who aren’t fans have something to say on cosmos forums

    • Larry’s Slow Left Arm Knows MLS Fans Obsesses with the Cosmos

      We can’t help it!

      We’re obsessed wit men in shorts!

  • REAL OpenCupFan Knows mls bots are Suckers

    1 – The cost for attending mls games is amongst top five leagues in the world.
    – mls game quality isn’t even in the top five leagues in England.
    2 – mls steals money from lil kids soccer academies
    – mls fans defend this practice (big reason u bots are suckers right here) blindly, get a brain and have an independent thought
    3 – mls fans say NASL/Cosmos are irrelevant but then go and create most of the traffic on articles about the NASL/Cosmos.
    – only suckers don’t know that monopolies abhor competition.
    PS – mls fans are suckers, don’t forget it. Any of you suckers interested in buying a bridge, I got one to sell you. Talk to DangerMan if you like, he’s bought two this year already.

    • slowleftarm

      Any statistics showing MLS games are among the most expensive to attend in the world? Games I’ve attended abroad have generally been around the same cost or, more often, much higher. Are they even more expensive than Cosmos?

  • jimmy l

    If MLS level is so low and bad to watch, than how low is the pitiful NASL which can’t even beat USL 3rd div. teams?

    The NASL is run by indicted criminals, they have not given up their shares or team ownership at all – why don’t you NASL fans worry about that immediate issue.

    Unfortunately anti-fan traffic on chat boards doesn’t give the Cosmos any revenue, if only some of those people showed up as fans to the games maybe it would work, but 3000 at a turf lacrosse field is pitiful.

    • REAL OpenCupFan Knows mls bots are Suckers

      You’re a sucker. Thanks for giving us your money – like the USMNT.
      – #bushleaguemls

    • Tom

      @jimmy I – NASL has and does beat Usl teams, before this yr they had a winning record vs them and they will again next yr. NASL has a good record vs MLS clubs as Leo has illustrated recently.

      NASL is run by their owners, the clubs, who hold the A stock which is the voting stock used for league decisions and operations. Traffic only holds B stock and not 100% of it either, only 66%. It has limited power and none at the moment as they are suspended from doing business in NASL. Carolina, the only club they own will be sold as will they B stock ownership.

      Hofstra is a multi purpose stadium not solely a lacrosse stadium.

      NASL has a better technical game than the MLS and more creativity. MLS is quite raw much of the time, poor passing, pace, ball control and I’m amazed with the way many of their players couln’t even hit the side of a barn with a shot at net. MLS’s manufactured low quality parity makes many of their games a bore to watch, NASL matches are more enjoyable much of the time. I watch both leagues and have favorites in both.

  • Kevin

    No it doesn’t, but it sure is funny how many of u are dying to slam a team that has no bearing on ur teams at all. How do u explain tha4

  • Terry

    Problem seems to be Cosmos are in the wrong league…Cosmos in MLS and still at Hofstra they sell out..Cosmos in NASL they get very little press and they get what they’ve been getting…One other thing – What’s with the moronic hate in the comment section ? Good luck for Red Bulls and NYCFC….It would be fantastic if they were (all 3 ) were in the same league.

    • I wouldn’t want the Cosmos to be in single entity MLS.

      • slowleftarm

        Don’t worry – there’s no danger of that. You guys can stay in Hempstead and play in front of 3k with MLS rejects forever!

        • William

          so will the Metrostars win it all hahaahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha and when in this century haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah

    • William

      Red Bulls u mean the Metrostars ?????????????

    • William

      OOOHH terry do we all have to play nice ? down with MLS !!!

    • William

      screw the Harrison Metrostars and Plastic smurfs !!!!!

  • US Soccer

    Leo’s right that the Cosmos need to get out of Hofstra, and that anything is better than their current situation. I hate Long Island but Belmont would be easier to get to than Hofstra hell. As a RB fan I wonder about some of the prior posts stating that the team has no identity. I usually go to several games a year and can tell you that the place is electric during games and that it seems like a packed house every time I go. Past few years anyway. But Leo I remember the dark days in Giants Stadium too! We tailgate outside before and after matches and there seems to be a lot of fans with their families and friends enjoying themselves. The only common complaint is that they need to pave the main parking lot already. I’ve been a fan for many years and was rooting for them when they were the MetroStars. MetroStars or RedBulls they are my team. Myself and I believe other true fans don’t have any identity crisis that I’ve seen people talk of in these forums. They’ve been here for us for the past 20 years, maybe not the best team all those years but they were there. I watched the original Cosmos team when I was a kid and loved them. It was aweful when the team and the league died and we had no soccer until MLS came. I wish the Cosmos luck and want to see them succeed. New York is a big city and we can handle more than one soccer team.

  • William

    NASL forever !!!